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Reputation & Privacy Archive - February 2021

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Facebook backs down from standoff with Australian government

After blocking all news websites from the feeds of Australian users last week, Facebook have now backed down, and restored news content, after announcing a deal with the Australian government. Facebook’s unprecedented decision to restrict what Australian users were able to see was the result of a proposed piece of legislation which... Read More

Are spy pixels a threat to online privacy?

The steady move from marketing in traditional media to online platforms has always been accompanied by the development of assistive technologies. From cookies to the creation of psychometric profiles for individual users, marketers and advertisers are constantly searching for ways to refine their approach based on the characteristics of those... Read More

War on the influencer: ASA rules on using filters

Over the last few weeks, the new generation of celebrity, “the influencers”, have come under increasing scrutiny. You may remember the barrage of newspaper articles criticising influencers for making unavoidable “work trips” to Dubai which of course, as any busy business professional will know, involves multiple pictures... Read More
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