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Reputation & Privacy Archive - September 2020

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How to deal with an hostile ex

The break-down of a relationship is seldom easy. It is an extremely distressing time and emotions run high. In some cases, ex’s can engage in unacceptable behaviour, whether this be through harassment, hacking or false allegations of misconduct. In such a scenario, it is essential that you are able to respond appropriately. What... Read More

Dan Brown’s bitter battle shows past settlements do not always mean a safe reputation

While Dan Brown’s novels are brimming with dramatic twists and subterfuge, the author’s personal life has always seemed more mundane. Now, it seems, life may be more closely imitating art. On Monday 29 June, Blythe Brown, the ex-wife of The Da Vinci Code author, filed a lawsuit at Rockingham superior court in New Hampshire,... Read More

How to prevent old social media posts harming your reputation

With ever increasing parts of our lives being recorded, whether through photographs, videos or social media posts, many high profile figures have had to face up to moments they wish had been forgotten. Whatever your views on whether individual’s past actions should be judged by today’s standards, we have to recognise that our... Read More

7 top tips to prevent unwanted journalists

Suddenly finding yourself in the media spotlight can be extremely distressing. For high profile individuals, how you manage this attention is vital. If you find yourself in such a situation, these seven tips will help you to navigate this new challenge and ensure your reputation is protected. 1. Door-stepping: Know your rights Remember,... Read More
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