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Picture perfect: Vardags’ team smiles for the camera

The team at Vardags had both a group photo and individual headshots taken last week by renowned photographer John Swannell. The team, dressed in Vardags’ colours (red and black) were delighted to be captured by the lens of such a famous photographer. Having been in the business for over 35 years, John Swannell has shot numerous members of the... Read More

Pauline Chai case in Family Law Week

The case of Vardags’ client Pauline Chai has made it into the news section of esteemed legal website Family Law Week. The article summarises the hearing that took place last week, with some of the comments of Ayesha Vardag (Vardags’ Founder Director and lawyer for Pauline Chai) being quoted. Mrs Chai and Mr Khoo were married for 42... Read More

Pauline Chai Hearing: National Press Covers Vardags’ Case

The hearing of Vardags’ client Pauline Chai has attracted a surge of national press coverage, including articles in The Telegraph online, The Times online, Mail Online and the Evening Standard.It was even covered online by the International Business Times in India demonstrating further the interest the case has sparked globally. In what... Read More

Our part in Prest: leading barrister kindly acknowledges Vardags’ contribution

We are greatly appreciative of the note from Richard Todd QC, who kindly acknowledged our hard work and expertise in the recent Supreme Court case of Petrodel v Prest. This landmark victory was a triumph for all involved and we return the sense of privilege that we are so often able to work with outstanding barristers such as Richard, to achieve... Read More

Ayesha Vardag comments on the privacy scandal

Ayesha Vardag has offered her thoughts on the thorny issue of privacy and unlawful surveillance for a recent article in the Times. In the wake of the hacking scandal and subsequent Leveson inquiry, the public’s right to privacy has been a sensitive and prominent subject in the media. Now, former Information Commissioner Richard Thomas... Read More

Our Old Bailey office: a room with a view

The beginning of our Old Bailey office Following our continued successes, we are bursting at the seams with new talent and are pleased to announce that we are expanding from our current location into additional office space further down the Strand. Having been spoilt by Bell Yard’s intimate position right next to the Royal Courts of Justice,... Read More

Piercing the 'corporate veil': Yasmin Prest and Petrodel Resources Ltd

After a legal battle lasting more than five years, Yasmin Prest has won her case against her former husband and Petrodel Resources Ltd (PRL) in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has today agreed to grant Ms Prest financial provision on divorce from the husband’s assets pertaining to PRL. This is despite the opposing position, which... Read More

Sarah Foreman on Hamilton v Hamilton

One of our solicitors, Sarah Foreman, has had an article published in the esteemed legal journal, Family Law. As such, Sarah has become the first recipient of Vardags’ new publishing prize. Explaining the important implications of the recent case Hamilton v Hamilton, Sarah highlighted the need for lawyers to pay particular attention to... Read More

Wedding dress made from divorce papers in GCSE art project

A 15-year-old schoolgirl from Crawley, West Sussex has made international news for her extraordinary GCSE art project: a wedding dress made out of divorce papers. Demi Barnes posted a picture of her artistic endeavours on Facebook purely for the purposes of showing a friend in Italy. However, thanks to the ‘shareable’ nature of... Read More

Vardags launches its own legal publishing prize

Vardags is recognising professional excellence in legal scholarship by rewarding lawyers in the firm who have articles published in acclaimed journals. Always keen to encourage and repay the abilities of staff, Senior Management have stipulated that any solicitor who has a piece produced – either in print or online – in an esteemed family law... Read More
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