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‘If they hadn’t been so negative I wouldn’t have tried as hard'

Managing director at Vardags, Catherine Thomas, spoke to Wales Online about the lessons she had learned on her rise to being a top international divorce lawyer.  She remarked that “I decided I wanted to go into law when I was 10 after taking part in a primary school debate. I really got into it, opening with a long (and probably... Read More

Catherine Thomas stars in 35 Women Under 35

Vardags’ managing director, Catherine Thomas, featured prominently in Management Today’s “35 Under 35”. The feature, which showcases leading women in the professional services and the corporate world, highlighted Catherine’s rise to the top of family law and expertise in complex international cases. The magazine... Read More

Modern marriage: Till de-glitching does us part

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Daily Telegraph following a survey which revealed wide spread support among the so-called “millennial” generation for temporary models of marriage. The paper suggested that this indicated that young people want to “stress test” relationships, without making a permanent commitment. Ayesha, who has... Read More

A Day in the Life of Catherine Thomas

Vardags’ managing director Catherine Thomas spoke to The Brief, setting out her average day at the top of family law. Discussing her early starts, she said “I tend to get to the office around 8.30am but will already have been through my emails, as many of them come in overnight from other jurisdictions. When I am particularly busy, for... Read More

I became a millionaire through forgiving

Ahead of Global Forgiveness Day, Ayesha Vardag spoke to Emirates Woman magazine about the role forgiving took in her journey from her own divorce to running the UK’s top family law firm. Reflecting on the humble beginnings of the firm, she said “My home office was just a telephone line, a fax machine, my laptop and a long... Read More

Ayesha Vardag interviewed by European CEO

Vardags’ president and founder, Ayesha Vardag, spoke to European CEO about London’s place at the centre of the family law world. She explained the reasons behind London’s place, saying “There’s such a concentration of wealth, of economic activity, or dynamism and life here, that that brings an awful lot of people from... Read More

Judging a woman's worth by the man she's dating is Victorian

Ayesha Vardag wrote for the Daily Telegraph criticising a judge’s decision to reduce the payment made to a divorcing woman because she was already in a new relationship. Ayesha lambasted the decision, saying that it “sent a ringing message: women should avoid dating before their divorce goes through, as any new man might be seen to... Read More

The Science of Online Dating

Vardags’ founder and president, Ayesha Vardag, spoke to the Daily Telegraph for their article on the science of dating and the failings of meeting online. The article looked at new research which suggested that couples who met online were three times more likely to divorce than those who met face to face, whilst online daters were far more... Read More

Press coverage for the latest stage in Pauline Chai case

News outlets around the world reacted to the latest stage in the ongoing divorce battle between former Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai and her husband. The case, which has been fought in both England and Malaysia is said to concern hundreds of millions of pounds worth of assets. As the High Court ruled that the case should be heard in London, Ms Chai... Read More

Storm in a Prenup: Ayesha Discusses her Agreement

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Law Society Gazette about her prenup agreement, and the foundation it can lay for a happy relationship. Ayesha, who made prenups legal in England with her victory in the 2010 case of Radmacher v Granatino, has been a firm advocate of the autonomy which comes from them. She told the Gazette ‘You hope you’ll... Read More
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