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Law Archive - May 2018

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Vardags Saratoga and Flora Harris: dream team in the making

After only ten days of partnership, Vardags Saratoga (Sara) and Flora Harris had great success at Rockingham International Horse trials, competing in the CIC*. The event began with a beautiful display in the dressage where they gaineda very respectable score of 33.3, leaving them just outside of the top 25. The following day the new team returned... Read More

Match report: Vardags does Manchester 10K

20th May: Race Day. To many, it was an innocently summery Sunday, sandwiched between two bank holidays. What bliss. To the runners, the symbolism was rife. The sunlight streaming down became a spotlight on last night’s makeup. The cheers of excitable crowds turned to jeers at token training plans. The music permeating the streets... Read More

Emma Gill joins BBC Breakfast sofas to discuss divorce law

Emma Gill, family law director and glamourous head of the Vardags Manchester office, graced the BBC Breakfast’s sofas on Thursday morning to discuss Tini Owen’s high profile Supreme Court hearing scheduled for later that day. Tini and Hugh Owens married in 1978. Nearly forty years later the relationship broke down. In 2012 Mrs... Read More

Eventer Flora Harris joins Vardags Equestrian

With excitement mounting in Vardags Equestrian's Sussex stables, on Saturday Ayesha Vardag made the announcement that the team will be joined by international event rider Flora Harris. The 30-year-old eventer has been riding professionally since she left Millfield school in 2007 and went to train with Gill Watson. That same year she... Read More

Ayesha Vardag interviewed by Ed Miliband about divorce reform

"An unacceptable restriction on individual freedom and autonomy" -so Ayesha Vardag described English divorce law.  With the high profile 'defended divorce' case Owens v Owens going to the Supreme Court next month, Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd invited Ayesha onto their popular podcast Reasons to be... Read More
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