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My legal life: Ayesha Vardag

Vardags Chairman Ayesha Vardag was interviewed by the Law Society Gazette in their “My Legal Life” feature. She explained to the journal where her enthusiasm for law came from “My father and my grandfather before him were both politicians and lawyers, but I wanted to be a journalist or an actress and spent my time at Cambridge... Read More

Why Are More Women Than Men Single After 60?

Catherine Thomas wrote for the Huffington Post about the trend that, by the age of sixty, there are twice as many single women as men. Catherine responded sceptically to the statistics, saying “Official statistics that produce these headlines are also are not designed to keep up with the changing face of society today. They catalogue a... Read More

Clare's Law: A remedy rather than a cure

Vardags’ managing director Catherine Thomas wrote for the Global Legal Post about the introduction of the Domestic Violence Disclosure scheme. The scheme, named for Clare Wood, a lady murdered by her boyfriend who had a history of violence, allows people to check with police whether their partner has a history of domestic violence... Read More

A Financial Investigation in Family Law

Vardags in-house financial expert spoke to the Global Banking and Finance Review about the techniques employed to uncover hidden assets in divorce litigation. He explained to the paper “Many men are becoming increasingly savvy to ways in which they can reduce their spouse’s settlement in a divorce case. There is a constant game of cat... Read More

Vardags celebrated in Family Lawyer Index

Both Ayesha Vardag and Catherine Thomas were included in the Spears Wealth Management list of the top 50 lawyers. The directory covers only the very best practitioners in high value claims, focusing on the very best and very brightest. Ayesha and Catherine were both featured prominently in the list.  The Vardags’ president received a... Read More

Facebook and Twitter used to track hidden wealth

The Daily Telegraph reported on the increasing frequency with which social media, including Facebook and Twitter is used in legal cases to find hidden assets. The paper explained how the court is now able to make disclosure orders requiring people to produce details of their social media activities. The information and photographs posted to... Read More

“What the hell is a social media 'prenup'?”

Following Vardags' victory for Katrin Radmacher in 2010, prenups have been valid in English law. This has led to a great deal of speculation about what can and can’t actually be included in the document. The Telegraph picked up on this, exploring the possibility of “social media prenups”, which regulate what spouses can... Read More

‘If they hadn’t been so negative I wouldn’t have tried as hard'

Managing director at Vardags, Catherine Thomas, spoke to Wales Online about the lessons she had learned on her rise to being a top international divorce lawyer.  She remarked that “I decided I wanted to go into law when I was 10 after taking part in a primary school debate. I really got into it, opening with a long (and probably... Read More

Catherine Thomas stars in 35 Women Under 35

Vardags’ managing director, Catherine Thomas, featured prominently in Management Today’s “35 Under 35”. The feature, which showcases leading women in the professional services and the corporate world, highlighted Catherine’s rise to the top of family law and expertise in complex international cases. The magazine... Read More

Modern marriage: Till de-glitching does us part

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Daily Telegraph following a survey which revealed wide spread support among the so-called “millennial” generation for temporary models of marriage. The paper suggested that this indicated that young people want to “stress test” relationships, without making a permanent commitment. Ayesha, who has... Read More
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