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Ayesha Vardag reacts to Sir Paul Coleridge's comments on marriage breakdown

High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge spoke to the press ahead of establishing his Marriage Foundation to champion matrimony as “gold standard for relationships”.  The foundation seeks to promote marriage and to encourage families to stay together, attacking what Sir Paul sees as “unrealistic expectations” about marriage... Read More

Ayesha Vardag on the differences between civil partnerships and gay marriage

As plans emerged for the introduction of gay marriage, Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Guardian about the differences between gay marriage and the 2005 introduction of civil partnerships. Ayesha explained to the paper “Civil partnership is almost identical in law to marriage, and is treated by the Courts in the same way … However setting... Read More

The women who would rather grow old alone

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Daily Mail about the growing trend of “silver separators” – men and women divorcing after retirement. The paper reported that among the over-50s, divorce has soared by 30 per cent in the past 20 years. More than 11,500 people over 60 were divorced in 2009, and by 2010 — the most recent year... Read More

Treat your lover to a romantic no-nup

Catherine Thomas spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the rise of “no-nups” – financial agreements between couples who have no present intention to marry. The agreements, more often called cohabitation agreements, are designed to provide financial certainty between couples. Catherine Thomas told the paper “I would recommend... Read More

Helping women rebuild their lives

Following an interview with Michelle Young on the subject of her long running divorce battle, the Daily Mail also spoke with Ayesha Vardag about her experience of representing women in some of the richest divorce battles in the world. She explained the frustration which wives can feel when they are excluded from their husband’s... Read More

Vardags nominated as Law Firm of the Year 2016

Vardags has been shortlisted for the ‘Law Firm of the Year – Exceptional Achievement award’ at the Halsbury Legal Awards. We won the inaugural prize for Law Firm of the Year back in 2013 and are delighted to be returning to the awards this year. Other nominees in this category include Zaiwalla & co, the global firm Reed... Read More

Asset tracing: A cat and mouse game

Following the conclusion of the long running case of Young v Young, Catherine Thomas, who represented Mrs Young, explained to Global Legal Post that she sees more cases of that scale on the horizon, as well as talking about the challenge of asset tracing in divorce. She wrote “I have been representing Michelle over the last two months... Read More

Catherine Thomas speaks to Mumsnet

Following her success representing Michelle Young in the latter’s long running divorce case, Catherine Thomas wrote about the experience in a guest post for Mumsnet. She explained how diligent forensic work led to building a case against a man who claimed that all his assets had been lost in a failed property deal. “The documents she... Read More

Get a prenup first, then put a ring on it

Vardags director Catherine Thomas spoke to Metro News about the January rush to see a divorce lawyer and the importance that prenuptial agreements can have. Talking about the period in which lawyers are reportedly busiest, she said “People look back on the past year and think about what they want from the year ahead – for many, that... Read More

The Rise (and Risks) of the DIY Prenups

Ayesha Vardag spoke to The Daily Mail following their report on the rise of home made prenups. The paper reported that, following the landmark decision in Radmacher which made the agreements binding in English, people are increasingly making their own prenups ahead of their marriages. Ayesha, who represented Katrin Radmacher in her... Read More
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