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Law Archive - September 2016 - Page 4

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The Science of Online Dating

Vardags’ founder and president, Ayesha Vardag, spoke to the Daily Telegraph for their article on the science of dating and the failings of meeting online. The article looked at new research which suggested that couples who met online were three times more likely to divorce than those who met face to face, whilst online daters were far more... Read More

Press coverage for the latest stage in Pauline Chai case

News outlets around the world reacted to the latest stage in the ongoing divorce battle between former Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai and her husband. The case, which has been fought in both England and Malaysia is said to concern hundreds of millions of pounds worth of assets. As the High Court ruled that the case should be heard in London, Ms Chai... Read More

Storm in a Prenup: Ayesha Discusses her Agreement

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Law Society Gazette about her prenup agreement, and the foundation it can lay for a happy relationship. Ayesha, who made prenups legal in England with her victory in the 2010 case of Radmacher v Granatino, has been a firm advocate of the autonomy which comes from them. She told the Gazette ‘You hope you’ll... Read More

Ayesha Vardag's Ten Tips For Couples At Christmas

Vardags’ President Ayesha Vardag wrote for SLOAN! Magazine, sharing her tips for building a successful marriage during the Christmas period and avoiding being one of the couples that heads for a January divorce. Her fist tip was to consider dining out, saying that “I discovered the joy of Yule dining out when I set about cooking... Read More

How we broke the glass ceiling

Vardags founder, Ayesha Vardag, spoke to Yahoo Finance alongside a number of female entrepreneurs about her work building up one of Britain’s top family law firms and her efforts to break the glass ceiling for herself and her employees. Ayesha’s main tip was for budding business owners to be confident in their instincts. She told the... Read More

How to get what you want in negotiations

Ayesha Vardag spoke to The Guardian alongside a number of negotiation experts. Joined by former hostage negotiator Christopher Voss as well as retail gurus and childcare professionals, Ayesha  shared her tips  for getting the best out of negotiations. Speaking of the background which moulded her into a tough negotiator, she said “I... Read More

International press report the latest on Pauline Chai case

Press around the world reported on the latest hearing in the divorce between Malaysian former beauty queen Pauline Chai and her tycoon husband Khoo Kay Peng. The hearing focused on the Laura Ashley chairman’s failure to comply with court orders compelling him to pay his wife £50,000 in interim maintenance. The husband was described as... Read More

Courts to use DNA tests to avoid ’embarrassing’ legal battles

The Justice Gap reported on the introduction of extended powers for the court to order DNA tests in order to determine a child’s biological parents. The move was introduced to help reduce the length and scope of disputes in family law cases. Georgina Hamblin, a director at Vardags, spoke to the magazine, welcoming the news. She said... Read More

"Get a job!": Judge tells wife to go back to work

Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Evening Standard following a decision by Lord Justice Pitchford, who told a wife she had no right to be supported for life by her former husband. The case concerned a racehorse surgeon who had been ordered to pay his wife and children £75,000 per year in maintenance and school fees. Approaching retirement, he... Read More

Keen to leave your rich husband? Come to London!

Vardags president Ayesha Vardag was quoted in The Guardian, commenting on England’s place at the forefront of international family law. Speaking following a hearing in the long running case of Pauline Chai, Ayesha said “Of the capital that is built up in the marriage, both partners are entitled to share fairly in that, which usually... Read More
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