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Law Archive - May 2016

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'I’d never know when or if he was coming back': Top divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag on how her charming but absent father shaped her life

In a highly personal piece, Ayesha Vardag wrote for The Daily Mail, about how her charming but absent father shaped her life. She wrote about how her the glamorous but fleeting presence of her father, a Pakistani senator, had influenced her life. Reminiscing about her childhood, she considered how his sporadic visits led to her to drive... Read More

Catherine Thomas in Glamour Magazine: "What I've Learned From Work"

Vardags' managing director Catherine Thomas spoke with the 'Life & Happiness' section of this month's Glamour magazine, setting out of her top tips for career success. Speaking alongside a number of other highly successful women from a range of industries about what she had learnt along her rise to the top of family law. Highlighting... Read More
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