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Law Archive - October 2016

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Mary o’blige to you: Ex-husband of Mary J Blige requests $130k per month in spousal support

Since divorcing her manager-husband, Martin 'Kendu' Isaacs, in June, Mary J Blige has very publicly voiced her displeasure over her ex-husband's demand for spousal support. The nine-time Grammy award-winning singer has been opening her concerts with images of tabloid headlines reporting his request - $129,319 per month. Mr Isaacs has declared the... Read More

Frank Ryan shares comments on Uber judgment with BBC and Channel 4

Vardags Director Frank Ryan featured on Channel 4 News and the BBC News website last week. He brought his decades of expertise to bear on the landmark employment case against Uber. The gig economy behemoth known for its flexible contracted workforce have made themselves a vast customer base and sworn enemies of driver's unions. Last Friday the... Read More
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