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Law Archive - 2016

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Vardags barrister John Oxley features in prestigious 'Family Law' journal

Since Radmacher v Granatino made prenuptial agreements legally enforceable in the UK, it has been evident that the extent of financial disclosure is pertinent to how they are weighted in the courts. In an article for Family Law, Vardags barrister John Oxley argues that the court´s weighting of prenuptial agreements in ancillary relief cases... Read More

Ayesha Vardag discusses her Brexit “rollercoaster” with 5 live

This morning, following a day of political turmoil, Ayesha Vardag spoke to Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 live about her fluctuating feelings about Brexit. Looking for the opinions of top lawyer, Barnett first introduces Ayesha as one of the ‘Bregretters’- those who voted leave and regretted it. Ayesha starts by expressing her... Read More

Mary o’blige to you: Ex-husband of Mary J Blige requests $130k per month in spousal support

Since divorcing her manager-husband, Martin 'Kendu' Isaacs, in June, Mary J Blige has very publicly voiced her displeasure over her ex-husband's demand for spousal support. The nine-time Grammy award-winning singer has been opening her concerts with images of tabloid headlines reporting his request - $129,319 per month. Mr Isaacs... Read More

Frank Ryan shares comments on Uber judgment with BBC and Channel 4

Vardags Director Frank Ryan featured on Channel 4 News and the BBC News website last week. He brought his decades of expertise to bear on the landmark employment case against Uber. The gig economy behemoth known for its flexible contracted workforce have made themselves a vast customer base and sworn enemies of driver's unions. Last Friday the... Read More

Ayesha Vardag comments on new types of prenups in the wake of Radmacher victory

Following her victory on behalf of Katrin Radmacher, which made prenups effective in English law, Ayesha Vardag spoke to the BBC about the possibility of unusual agreements.  The article considered some of the bizarre clauses reported in American agreements, including requiring a spouse to undertake drugs tests, or having a penalty clause... Read More

Ayesha Vardag on the lack of politial force behind matrimonial law reform

During a Law Society Debate, Ayesha Vardag said that there was ‘No political will’ to reform laws relating to marriage and divorce. She also described the traditional model of marriage as a “‘binding contract” that is effectively “a blank cheque to the state in the person of the court”. Ayesha... Read More

Ayesha Vardag comments on Google CEO Eric Schmidt's divorce in the Daily Mail

Ayesha Vardag commented on the Daily Mail’s reports that Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was selling 2.4million of his shares in the tech behemoth to fund his divorce from his wife Wendy. It is believed that Mr Schmidt has given a quarter of his $2.6 billion fortune to his wife of 13 years. Ayesha explained that, under... Read More

Ayesha Vardag talks about why we need no-fault divorce

Vardags President, Ayesha Vardag, wrote for the Huffington Post following a report that showed that “falling out of love” had supplanted adultery as the top cause for marital breakdown. Ayesha wrote that this was similar to what she had seen in her experience at the top of family law. “When people come and see me,”... Read More

“Agreeing in the best times what would happen in the worst”: Ayesha Vardag on nuptial agreements for City AM

Ayesha Vardag spoke to City AM about the importance of prenuptial agreements for an column exploring the role of financial and tax planning within marriage. Ayesha, who won the case which made prenups enforceable in England and Wales, said it would be “lunatic” not to have one in place. She also explained to the paper the... Read More

Ayesha Vardag comments on Pierre Lagrange’s expensive divorce

Ayesha Vardag commented on the divorce proceedings faced by finance tycoon Pierre Lagrange. The fund manager, whose marriage disintegrated after he came out as a homosexual, is thought to have sold his house on “billionaire’s row” to fund his divorce settlement. Explaining the rationale behind such settlements, Ayesha told the... Read More
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