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Law Archive - August 2015

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Vardags-sponsored polo team celebrates its first outing

Vardags is sponsoring its first polo team, aiming to give women’s polo a bit of a boost. It had its first outing on Sunday 9 August – in Vardags branded kit – at the Berkshire Festival, The team played exceptionally and won 9-5.5. The new Handicap list marks the start of a new system whereby female players can retain their current handicap... Read More

Interview with Charlotte Trace, junior barrister

Nice to have you back in the Vardags offices! Everyone missed you terribly. Did you enjoy your secondment here? Yes I absolutely loved it; I found it very hard to leave! You chose to extend it didn’t you? Would you recommend the experience for other junior barristers? I did. I ended up being here for almost three months. I loved it. It’s a... Read More
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