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Law Archive - February 2015

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Senior Associate Lois Rogers explains Vardags' childcare policy on BBC Radio 2

Vardags senior associate Lois Rogers has made her media debut on BBC Radio 2. Speaking to presenter Vanessa Feltz, Lois discussed the headline topic of the day: the problem of prohibitive childcare costs. Vanessa discussed the issue with a woman who, despite being well paid, was forced to spend half her income on childcare costs. Lois was... Read More

Director Stephen Bence in Management Today

Dr Stephen Bence has featured in a series of video interviews for Management Today, advising small businesses on cash flow issues. The interviews offer no-nonsense advice on how to tackle common problems that small businesses face, from the perspective of a range of experts in their fields. Stephen’s experience of finance in the legal... Read More

Cayman law students open debate on LGBT issues

  A group of law students in the Cayman Islands is seeking to challenge the status quo by staging a series of lectures on LGBT issues, in particular gay rights. Although the Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, the region is lagging behind the UK in terms of equality and attitudes to sexual minorities. In order to... Read More
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