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Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | Reby Daniel

  Reby Daniel - University of Law How Depp v Heard brought to light the need for change in the UK’s trial proceedings Recently, in 2018 the law around divorce and domestic abuse was a hot topic for the tabloids as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were going head to head in their libel case involving a controversial domestic... Read More

Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | Kathleen Humphrey

Kathleen Humphrey - Lancaster University “Sharenting”: A new method of parenting online, or an exploitation of children? An Essay on the Issues and Potential Solutions of Protecting Children From ‘Sharenting’ Through English and Welsh Family Law. Introduction: There is little denying that the... Read More

Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | Winning essay

Transparency: The Long-Awaited Facelift of Judicial Reform? Author: Jessica Craig – University of Edinburgh “I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die, they will donate my body to Tupperware,” quipped Joan Rivers – with characteristically acerbic wit. The current state of the family courts... Read More

Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | 2nd Place

The Need to Modernise and Reform Surrogacy Laws in England and Wales: Navigating the Path to Comprehensive Amendment Author: Natasha Owusu – University of Leicester In recent years, Wales and England have seen a dramatic change in the perception and acceptability of surrogacy. A surrogate is a woman who carries and gives birth... Read More

Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | 4th Place

Ohana Means Family: The Need to Legally Define Family in England & Wales Author: Gerardo Naranjo Franco– IE University, Spain Hegel’s idea of the Ethical Life introduces family as a concept in which individuals come together “bound in a love for each other.” Traditionally, jurisdictions worldwide... Read More

Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | 5th Place

To what extent has the introduction of LASPO hindered the ability to access justice in family law? Author: Natasha Maurer – Sheffield Hallam University The introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) established a monumental change to civil and family legal aid like never before.... Read More

Vardags Family Law Essay competition 2023/24 | 3rd Place

The Old Law, New Law and the State: An Overview of Divorce Reforms Author: Ezgi Sahbaz – SOAS, University of London Introduction “Divorce is of no concern to the state; it is a private matter between the spouses and the law should simply allow parties to end their marriage by agreement”. The implementation... Read More

Ayesha Vardag discusses protecting children during the first festive period post-divorce

Ayesha Vardag recalled her first Christmas as a single mother in her latest column with the Telegraph Money. She explained how she put her painful emotions to one side to give her children a happy festive period which subsequently broke her cycle of sadness. Vardag understands that in the face of separation, emotions can run high which can... Read More

Ayesha Vardag discusses whether we should be more approving of open marriages

Our founder, Ayesha Vardag, has recently taken on the role of a columnist for Telegraph Money. In her latest piece, she delved into the topic of open marriages and questioned whether society should adopt a more accepting stance towards them. With the introduction of 'no fault divorce,' the act of adultery has lost its legal... Read More

Ayesha Vardag explains how she uses her past relationship experiences to advise clients

Ayesha Vardag opened up about how her own complicated love life has served as inspiration for her work with millionaire clients. In her interview with Mail Online, she explained her deep connection with her clients during initial meetings, understanding the emotional turmoil they may be experiencing from her own experiences. Reflecting on... Read More
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