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Family Law Archive - September 2021

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Why the use of parental alienation is controversial

‘Parental alienation’ is a term that is becoming increasingly commonplace in private children law proceedings. however, it remains controversial.  Initially, the approach of the English courts had been ambivalent. In March 2002, Tony Hobbs JP Chartered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist wrote an article in Family Law... Read More

The Sunday Times speaks to Caroline Korah and Georgina Hamblin about the use of smart tech in child and divorce proceedings

The Sunday Times recently spoke to Caroline Korah and Georgina Hamblin about the smart home tech now used to scupper reputations and divulge secrets during divorce and child arrangement proceedings. The article, written by Social Affairs Correspondent Emily Dugan, details how these ever-smarter devices can provide video and audio evidence of... Read More
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