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Family Law Archive - April 2021

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“Landmark” Domestic Abuse Bill becomes law: what does it include?

On Thursday 29th April, the Domestic Abuse Bill received royal assent, completing its passage through the Houses of Parliament into law. Described as a “landmark piece of legislation” by Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland, the bill introduces, for the first time, a legal definition of domestic abuse that aims to go beyond physical... Read More

From afterschool clubs to play dates – the subtle ways some separated parents try to obstruct contact

Attempts to obstruct contact by one parent with the child(ren)’s other parent can take many forms – it is not always as explicit as simply refusing to allow a child to see another parent where their parents are separated. Instead, obstructive parents can come up with a wide variety of excuses to reduce or restrict contact. While... Read More

Easter Holidays for Separated Parents

With the Easter break now upon us, many families will be considering a trip away.   While destinations abroad may be off limits for the time being, or at least accompanied by a mandatory quarantine period for the next few months, holidays in self-contained accommodation will be allowed from April 12. Whether in self-catering... Read More
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