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Family Law Archive - April 2018

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Times distorted coverage of Muslim foster carers, press regulator finds

In a judgment released this week, the press regulator has found that the Times distorted coverage about Muslim foster carers in a widely reported case last year. The Times ran the headline, "Christian child forced into Muslim foster care", on 28th August 2017. It concerned a child placed with two Muslim households in Tower Hamlets.... Read More

Steinfeld and Keidan crowdfund for civil partnership battle

Charles Keiden and Rebecca Steinfeld are a couple who have been together for seven years. Although they have two children and are committed to each other, they do not wish to get married. They want to commit to each other in a way that they believe "captures the essence of [their] relationship and [their] values." For them, this is... Read More

Woman left nothing in will by partner of 40 years wins Inheritance Act claim

The High Court has ruled in favour of an elderly woman in her Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 claim whose late partner and cohabitee of more than 40 years had not provided for her in his will. The Claimant, a 79 year old woman named Joan Thompson, lived with her partner, Wynford Hodge, on his property for 42 years.... Read More

Grandparents rights: How to ensure you retain contact after divorce

Grandparents will always want to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives and, beyond the purely personal, they often have a crucial contribution to make towards childcare. Sometimes, however, this crucial relationship is severed, with the divorce of the child’s parents often the primary reason. With personal relationships... Read More

Litigants in person and how technology may help to reduce the financial burden on litigants

More than four in ten applications to the civil division of the Court of Appeal now come from litigants in person. The surprising figure was highlighted by Sir Thomas Etherton, Master of the Rolls, when delivering the Conkerton Memorial Lecture at the Liverpool Law Society in March. In the family courts, figures for the first quarter of 2017... Read More

Upcoming amendments to Family Procedure Rules

The Family Procedure Rules govern the practices and procedures used in the Family Court, as well as those used in family proceedings in the High Court, in England and Wales. Amendments have been made to the Parts 4 and 9 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 (FPR 2010) by the Family Procedure Rule Committee, exercising their power conferred by... Read More

Is mediation losing popularity?

In figures recently released by the Ministry of Justice, October to December 2017 saw a 15% decline in ‘mediation starts’ compared to the same quarter in the preceding year. Additionally, the amount of Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (‘MIAM’s) taking place dropped by 12% from the same period in 2016[1].... Read More

Protracted children law proceedings descend into “corrosive” shouting match

A protracted set of children law proceedings has been described as at one point descending into an uncivilised “shouting match”. The High Court case A v R and Anor concerned the father (F) of a child (T) arguing that a replacement expert should be appointed. Previously a psychologist - Mr Clowry - had been asked to “report... Read More

Family to sue after discovering fertility doctor is daughter's biological father

Many people are curious about their genealogical history, and thanks to the ever-developing power of the internet, it has become increasingly simple to trace information on a person's family make up. Kelli Rowlette from Washington State did just this, sending off a sample of her DNA to be tested by the site Ancestry.com last year. The... Read More
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