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Family Law Archive - March 2018 - Page 2

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Scottish campaigner calls on MSPs to legalise adult adoption

A Scottish man is lobbying the government for a legal change that would allow the adoption of adults. From the age of 13 Nathan Sparling, 27, was raised by his mother and stepfather, Brian. Now he is seeking legal change that would allow Brian to be made his legal parent. He made the statement below: “This week I wrote to my MSPs... Read More

John Oxley analyses Wilmot v Maughan in Family Law Journal

John Oxley is once again back in the pages of Family Law Journal. In his most recent piece, the Vardags barrister discusses the recent case Wilmot v Maughan and the issues around service and set-aside where a party is overseas and only partly engaged with the proceedings. The article teases out the difficulties with two points of procedure: the... Read More

Human rights consequences of delaying enforcement orders in Oller Kaminska v Poland

Last month, a chamber of eight officials of The European Court of Human Rights handed down judgment on the case of Oller Kaminska v Poland. The case concerns a mother’s successful complaint that her Article 8 rights had been breached after the Polish Court delayed in enforcing orders relating to international child abduction. The background The... Read More

Japanese man wins sole custody of 13 surrogacy children

A Japanese millionaire was last week awarded sole parental rights to 13 children he fathered through surrogacy in Thailand. Mitsutoki Shigeta, who is now 28, first made international headlines in 2014 when nine infants between two weeks and two years old were found in a luxury unfurnished Bangkok apartment, under the 24 hour care of seven nannies.... Read More
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