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Family Law Archive - 2017 - Page 9

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Surrogate gives birth to her mother's baby

A young mother who had given birth to her mother's child featured in the Sunday Telegraph last week, in the most recent of family surrogacy arrangements to attract media attention. Catherine aged 30, who is married with children of her own, agreed to carry a child for her mother Jacky Edwards, 47, who had recently remarried. The mother and... Read More

Baroness Hale has

The seventh World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights concluded yesterday in Dublin, having acted as an international forum for the examination of family law and children's rights issues around the world, with the central aim of driving systematic change in this sphere. On Monday, plenary speaker and Deputy President of the... Read More

All going on a summer holiday? Things you should know before taking your child abroad

If you are planning on taking your child on holiday abroad, depending on your destination, you may have to fulfil some surprising requirements to avoid tears at the airport. A recent article in The Telegraph, penned by a mother who had intended to take her 14-year-old daughter on holiday to South Africa, serves as a cautionary tale. The writer,... Read More

British pensioners passing up on matrimony

Thousands of older couples living together in the UK are opting out of marital tax breaks and state pension rights with soaring numbers choosing not to marry. Last year's ONS statistics show that cohabiting couple families are the fastest growing family type. An analysis by Royal London published this week drew attention to fact that the... Read More

Father challenges the family courts to uphold their pledge to transparency

A father from Norwich has urged judges to publish their rulings on his decade-long child contact dispute. His call for his court battle to be made public is bolstered by Cardiff University’s recent survey showing that very few judges adhere to the courts’ principle to publish judgments. The litigation began shortly after the... Read More

Japanese princess set to lose royal status by marrying a commoner

Japan's Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, is set to lose her royal status having announced her intentions to marry a commoner. The 25 year old princess met Kei Komuro while at university in Tokyo. The news of their impending betrothal broke this Tuesday. When they marry Princess Mako will have to leave the royal family,... Read More

Mostyn criticises system which lets millionaire pay £7 a week in child support

In the Family Court of the Royal Courts of Justice at the end of April, Mr Justice Mostyn presided over a mother’s application for further capital provision from her millionaire ex-partner. He concluded with a stern criticism of the current child support legislation which, without the assets ground of variation, enabled the ex to pay a measly... Read More

World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights to take place in Dublin in June

Since 1993, the World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights has convened every four years to unite influential individuals and organisations from all over the world in dialogue, with a view to enacting real systematic change. Participants have included lawyers, judges, academics, social workers and politicians, who "share a... Read More

All-male panel in Maryland fails to end policy that gives rapists parental rights

A bill that would have allowed rape survivors in Maryland to terminate their rapist's parental rights if the attack results in a child being born failed on Tuesday, the last day of the General Assembly's 2017 legislative session. The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, introduced by state delegate Kathleen Dumais, would have... Read More

Fake views? Attorney claims controversial radio personality client is “playing a character” in child custody hearing

The controversial opinions and behaviour of Alex Jones, a far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist from Texas, may have dire consequences for his family life, as he engages in a custody trial with ex-wife Kelly Jones. Mr Jones has been deemed a peddler of “fake news”, through his website Infowars. Last month, Mr Jones issued an... Read More
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