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Meet the couple who Skyped in to their own wedding

Technology may be making it easier to maintain relationships over long distances, but few couples have considered tying the knot over Skype. Canadian Megan Radford and Bolivian Rolando Barrientos are the exception—while they were together in Bolivia during their wedding, the officiate and guests joined them from Canada via video chat.... Read More

Duty of confidentiality vs. duty of disclosure: child proceedings

Mr Justice Holman ordered, at Birmingham District Registry, that an application in child proceedings that he started to hear, be heard “from scratch” by a different judge, as notice was not given to the child’s parents or stepmother. A 15-year-old boy, currently the subject of care proceedings, was living with his father... Read More

Leicester City have won the Premier League, but what does football fanaticism do to a marriage?

Against the odds – 5000-1, to be exact – Leicester City won the Premier League earlier this week after Tottenham Hotspur drew 2-2 with Chelsea. We all know footballers can have high profile divorces, Ryan Giggs and Gary Lineker being two of the most recent examples, but does simply being a football fan put you at greater risk of divorce? Well,... Read More

EU referendum: an uncertain future for families

If, on June 23, Britain votes to remain in the European Union following David Cameron’s renegotiation of its membership, Brussels will be obliged to amend several laws governing the lives of families in Britain. Under the guise of reducing European immigration, Cameron’s agreement could see dramatic changes to the lives of some families in... Read More

Digitalising family law proceedings: CFC pilot scheme to launch this summer

The Central Family Court (CFC) in London and its Financial Remedy Unit (FRU) is finalising a pilot scheme for electronically filing documents for all finance proceedings. Chancellor George Osborne announced in his Autumn 2015 statement that radical court reforms were being planned. He stated that “under-used courts will be... Read More
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