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Family Law Archive - April 2016 - Page 3

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Cross-border surrogacy and the trouble with triplings

A gay couple from New Zealand have been struggling to bring home their ‘triplings’ from Mexico. Triplings are babies using the same sperm and egg donors, but born from different surrogates. The couple, David and Nicky Beard, found themselves “stranded” in Mexico after one of the babies developed medical complications costing NZ$118,132... Read More

Suspended sentence for woman who induced her own abortion in Northern Ireland

A 21-year old woman has been found guilty and given a suspended custodial sentence in Northern Ireland today after pleading guilty for procuring her own abortion, using pills she purchased online. In Northern Ireland abortion is still a criminal offence under the Offence Against the Person Act 1861, with a potential sentence of anything up... Read More

Fiction vs Family Law: Finn and international child abduction

Here is the last instalment of my Star Wars series for Fiction vs Family Law. The other two blogs in this series, which examine family law issues through the lenses of Kylo Ren and Rey, can be found here and here, but this time I’m going to take a look at the controversial third main character of The Force Awakens –Finn. The... Read More

Same-sex adoption now legal across the United States

Mississippi, the last remaining state that did not allow same-sex couples to adopt children, was barred from enforcing the ban on Thursday. District Court Judge Daniel Jordan III deemed the practice unconstitutional. Judge Jordan noted that the ban on adoption “obviously targets married gay couples and limits their rights,”... Read More

Same-sex couples seeking IVF on the NHS face discrimination

The NHS is being criticised after refusing fertility treatment to same-sex couples in Northern Ireland, as their sexuality inevitably means they are incapable of meeting the strict criteria to qualify for treatment. The Department of Health requires as standard that, in order to be considered for one free cycle of fertility treatment, couples... Read More
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