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Family Law Archive - April 2016 - Page 1

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India’s surrogacy ban: a deep-freeze

Hundreds of eggs, sperm samples and embryos have been left on ice since India’s surrogacy ban for foreigners. Last October the Indian Council of Medical Research instructed fertility experts not to provide services to foreigners, but it failed to specify what should be done with genetic materials if the surrogacy process had already begun.... Read More

Same-sex couple win Thai custody battle against surrogate

15 months after the birth of their daughter Carmen, Gordon Lake and Manuel Santos can at last come out of hiding and resume a normal family life, with the newest addition to their family in tow. In January 2015, the same-sex American-Spanish couple welcomed baby Carmen, who was born in Thailand via a surrogate, using a third-party donor egg.... Read More

For her own good: placing a child in secure accommodation

Earlier this month, His Honour Judge Freedman, at Newcastle Family Court, ordered that a teenage girl should be put into secure accommodation to prevent her absconding and associating with known criminals. The application by North Tyneside Council was made under s.25 of the Children Act 1989 (CA 1989), requesting that the child... Read More

Spencer v Anderson: when paternity testing could be a matter of life and death

Mr Justice Peter Jackson, at Manchester Civil Justice Centre, ruled last week that a stored DNA sample should be tested to verify whether the deceased donor is the biological father of the applicant, and subsequently whether he has inherited a life-threatening disease. Mr Anderson, who died intestate of a heart attack in 2012, had a sample... Read More

International surrogacy: has it become a scapegoat?

An unnamed Australian man has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his twin daughters, who were born in Asia with the help of a Ukrainian egg donor. He faced 38 offences, including incest, child pornography and child trafficking. The 49-year-old man began abusing his nieces in 2009, which seemed to spark his interest in having children. Before... Read More

An end to state-issued marriage licences in Alabama?

The Alabama Senate voted on Tuesday for a bill that will end the need for state-issued marriage licences in favour of a simpler process where couples file a form recording that their marriage has taken place. Originally put forward in 2015 by Representative Jim Hill, the bill was voted by the Senate, but was not supported by the... Read More

Man who claimed ex-partner was just a lodger ordered to hand over share of his house

Michael Burton, from Notton near Wakefield, has been ordered to sell his £435,000 home and give a share of the proceeds to his former partner, Kristina Linden. Burton claimed that Linden was all but a lodger and as such had no claim over the property. The couple began their relationship in 1995 when Mr Burton was on a business trip to Scandinavia... Read More

Florida governor vetoes alimony bill

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, vetoed legislation SB 668 last Friday that would have seen an end to lifetime alimony payments as the default settlement in the State’s divorce courts, and would have encouraged judges to order equal custody and care arrangements for children. The bill was introduced by Republican Representative... Read More

Female chief brings in new law protecting girls from child marriage

Theresa Kachindamoto, senior chief in the Dedza District in Central Malawi, has created a new law to protect women and girls in her jurisdiction. According to Al Jazeera, Kachindamoto was tired of seeing girls as young as 12 becoming mothers, and had 50 of her sub chiefs sign an agreement to end child marriage in their area. However, not... Read More

Children with same-sex parents fare equally well, study shows

The Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics recently published an article comparing the well-being of children with same-sex parents, to that of heterosexual parents’ offspring. In what could finally settle the debate over the legitimacy of gay parenthood, the results found no significant differences. Same-sex and... Read More
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