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Family Law Archive - October 2016

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Bairns don’t come first in child maintenance system, new research finds

The child maintenance system is in urgent need of reform according to new research conducted by the Poverty Alliance. The Bairns Come First report, commissioned by charity Fife Gingerbread, found that the poorest and most vulnerable single-parent families are not benefiting from child maintenance. Child maintenance is payable by the non... Read More

How a child contact application became a battle over transgender rights

After a prolonged custody battle, the High Court finally announced its verdict on a landmark physical custody case that has since captivated the media and legal community. The High Court announced that a seven-year-old child, who had been "living life entirely as a girl" had been removed from their mother's care, with full physical... Read More

Alabama marriage licence prohibition rages on

Probate judges in at least eight counties in Alabama are still refusing to issue marriage licenses. A further four counties refuse to conduct marriage ceremonies. Last year 15 counties stopped issuing licences in protest against the legalisation of same-sex marriage. They stopped offering marriage licenses to couples whether straight or gay,... Read More

Court of Appeal determines that a bankrupt cannot be compelled to dip into pension

The Court of Appeal, in Horton v Henry EWCA Civ 989, has determined that a trustee in bankruptcy cannot compel a bankrupt to drawn down on their pension if they have not already elected to do so. The respondent was made bankrupt after issuing his own bankruptcy petition. The appellant was appointed as trustee in bankruptcy. The respondent’s... Read More

New project launched to help improve family law understanding

The Family Court Reporting Watch is a new body that will monitor the publication of judgments and media coverage of family courts, highlight and try to secure corrections of inaccurate or misleading reporting and explain complex or controversial cases for non-lawyers. This will be accomplished via clear explanatory blog posts, made accessible... Read More

RSPCA takes estranged daughter of charity donor to Supreme Court

In 2004, Mrs Jackson died leaving the majority of her estate to three charities: The Blue Cross, the RSPB and the RSPCA. Mrs Jackson’s will left no provision for her only child, Ms Ilott. The mother and daughter had become estranged many years prior and had never reconciled. Ms Ilott made an application under the Inheritance (Provision for... Read More
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