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Family Law Archive - September 2015

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Anomalies found in nearly half of fertility clinics’ records

In a pivotal case in the High Court, President of the Family Division Sir James Munby has brought to light widespread administrative 'anomalies' in licensed fertility clinics. The case, In the matter of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 (Cases A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H), was brought after audits by the Human Fertilisation and... Read More

I will survive…same-sex couples and survivors benefits

How should we view the current inequality between survivors' benefits in same-sex civil partnerships, and in heterosexual marriages? Is the former a justified exception to equality on the basis of cost, or 'an unconscionable injustice, which is almost impossible to square with the Government’s stated commitment to fairness and... Read More

Top family judges at loggerheads over open courts

Two family judges, Mr Justice Holman and Mr Justice Mostyn, have reportedly locked horns over the issue of openness in the family courts. Mr Justice Holman is all for opening up the family courts to public scrutiny while Mr Justice Mostyn asserts that family law constitutes “quintessentially private business”. Mostyn has been at the mercy of... Read More

Born in the USA: surrogacy law and pitfalls in the UK

The recent landmark ruling in Re A and B is another step in the right direction for surrogacy law. The case is important because it shows the English court becoming more lenient and more pragmatic in relation to the rigid statutory six-month limit commissioning parents have to apply for legal parenthood (a parental order) once their... Read More

Ancient Egyptian women negotiated their marriage contracts

As Dr Amanda Foreman has been showing in her BBC series, The Ascent of Woman, not all societies have been patriarchal - or certainly not as patriarchal as British society in the last few centuries. When it comes to marital contracts, especially prenuptial agreements, the women of Ancient Egypt were a step ahead of our times. A collection... Read More

Tennessee judge refuses divorce because of gay marriage ruling

A judge in Chattanooga, Tennessee has used the recent Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) judgment in the case of Obergefell v Hodges – more commonly known as the gay marriage ruling – as a reason to refuse a heterosexual couple a divorce. Hamilton County Chancellor Jeffrey Atherton has taken a stand against the judgment... Read More

Meddling grandparents knuckle-rapped in New York courts

Overbearing in-laws are well-documented, but a recent case in New York takes the proverbial cake. Grandparents Hershel and Ophira Gottlieb of Edison, New Jersey, found themselves on the wrong side of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Gesmer after apparently dragging out their son’s divorce proceedings in order to influence custody... Read More
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