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Family Law Archive - February 2015

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Working Group on Financial Remedies: Resolution responds

In December 2014, the Working Group on Financial Remedies published its final report, which put forward a number of recommendations for improvement of financial remedies in family law. Resolution, a group that campaigns for improvements to the family justice system, has now taken on board the opinions of its member body and, in light of... Read More

Family courts to give children more of a voice, Justice Minister tells the FJYPB

Children will be given a louder voice in the family courts as Justice Minister Simon Hughes announces plans for change. The Liberal Democrat MP, addressing the Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB), outlined ways in which children and young people could be given a greater say in what happens to them in the event of any kind of family... Read More

EU regulation on mutual recognition of protection measures

The EU regulation on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters is a simple construct and idea. It may provide a useful tool for parties engaged in cross border disputes. It may also be useful where parties wish to exercise their right to free movement in the EU, if, for example, they have business interests or property abroad.... Read More

Family feud over Robin Williams’ estate

His death caused an outpouring of mourning last year and brought many debates about the stigma surrounding mental illness to the public consciousness. Alongside the tributes that followed and the celebrations of Robin Williams’ life and work, much media discussion surrounded the impact his two divorces might have had on his life and... Read More
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