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Family Law Archive - December 2015

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Fiction vs Family Law: Suffragette and the history of parental rights

Sarah Gavron’s recent film Suffragette has received mostly positive reviews, despite its inaccuracies and omissions, but not all the critics are impressed. Maud, the film’s main character, is what Gavron describes as a “composite” character, one made up of various stories about suffragettes, but who never actually... Read More

Fiction vs Family Law: The Archers and Reproductive Coercion

Issues of family law are often used in fiction to heighten drama. Who’s the father? Is she having an affair? Will there be a custody battle? However, a lot of the time what we see on the screen is very different from how things play out in reality. In this series of blogs I’m going to look at these representations of family law... Read More

Re M (An Adult): The capacity to consent to marriage

The High Court has ruled that a twenty-five year old who married in Pakistan did not have the capacity to enter into the marriage. RS married in November 2014. An application had been made to the court under the Forced Marriage Act, but before the application could be considered, the marriage took place. On 29 April 2015 Mr Justice... Read More

Baroness Hale calls for children’s voices to be heard

In a characteristically clear and colourful speech, entitled ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ the deputy president of the Supreme Court has called for the family courts to listen to children. Addressing the Association of Lawyers for Children at their annual conference in Manchester, she looked back to a speech she had given to the same group twelve... Read More

India bans foreign-financed surrogacy

Earlier this month, India imposed a ban on foreigners paying local surrogates to carry their children. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in the UK and most other Western nations, which often pushes residents to seek surrogates abroad. India has been dubbed the 'surrogacy capital of the world', boasting affordable cost, medical expertise, and a large... Read More
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