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Family Law Archive - 2013

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Guts before Garters: how following your instincts can prevent an unhappy marriage

A recent study has suggested that, rather than writing off their pre-wedding nerves, couples contemplating marriage may be well advised to listen to their gut feelings, to predict whether they are on course for wedded bliss or an ill-fated union. Dr James K. McNulty, Associate Professor of Psychology at Florida State University in... Read More

Clare’s Law pilot scheme set to become a national scheme

Clare’s Law is a scheme that allows people to ask the police whether their partner has a history of domestic violence. Since September 2012 the scheme has been trialled by four police forces: Gwent, Wiltshire, Greater Manchester and Nottinghamshire. It has now been announced that the scheme will roll out across all of England and Wales in March... Read More

The Hague Convention used in Russia for the first time

The 1996 Hague Convention has been used in Russia for the first time, illustrating the significance of its use both at home and abroad in child abduction cases. Rachael Neustadt, a 36-year-old former teacher from America based in London, has been embroiled in a fierce legal battle with her ex-husband, 37-year-old Ilya Neustadt who is a Russian... Read More

Farewell to the CSA: Child Maintenance Service (CMS) phased in

Over the last two decades family lawyers have looked on despairingly as the Child Support Agency (CSA) has changed its various names and formulas. Having shadowed the CSA since December last year – when it took on responsibility for cases involving four children or more for a trial period – the new Child Maintenance Service (CMS)... Read More

Senior Director Catherine Thomas is featured in The Financial Times

Catherine Thomas Will the clash of the titans in Young v Young result in a move to family arbitration? Catherine Thomas, Senior Director at Vardags and international divorce lawyer, analyses the increase in divorcing couples considerng the option of family arbitration. Catherine anticipates how more couples opting for family arbitration will... Read More

Ayesha Vardag appears on ITV’s This Morning

On Wednesday 16th October 2013, Ayesha made what is her third appearance on the Legal Eagles section of ITV’s This Morning. Once again she joined property law expert Jason Hunter, and personal injury lawyer Alicia Alinia, on the couch opposite Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, to address viewers’ legal anxieties.... Read More

Ayesha Vardag lights up TV’s ‘Legal Eagles’ on This Morning

Ayesha Vardag joined Alicia Alinia and Jason Hunter on the 'This Morning' sofa On 18th September Ayesha Vardag made her inaugural appearance on ITV’s live discussion slot ‘Legal Eagles’ as part of daytime show This Morning. Taking her place on the sofa beside presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Ayesha joined her legal... Read More

UK set to become first country to allow three-parent IVF

The UK looks to become the first country to permit the creation of IVF babies using the DNA of three parents. The British government announced on 28th June 2013 that it would be unveiling draft legislation on the matter in the autumn, with the process potentially being available to the public within two years. The controversial technique... Read More

US Supreme Court recognises gay marriage in historic verdicts

On 26th June, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down two historic judgments which pave the way for the greater recognition of same-sex marriages within the US. In the first judgment, SCOTUS ruled that the controversial Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. The act, passed during the Clinton administration with... Read More

Campaign group alleges widespread avoidance of child maintenance payments

Single parent campaign group Gingerbread have accused the Child Support Agency (CSA) of overestimating the rate of successful child support payments. The CSA is part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and is charged with calculating and enforcing child maintenance payments. According to the statistics published in its quarterly... Read More
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