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Employment Law Archive - 2016

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Executive recruiter says women shouldn’t wear engagement rings to job interviews

Bruce Hurwitz, an executive recruiter from New York, has set the internet aflame by saying women should take off their engagement rings before attending job interviews, lest they appear too “high maintenance”. Hurwitz’s blog post, which went viral at the end of last month, was published on LinkedIn and titled “When... Read More

Pensions – what are the court’s powers?

The recent case of Goyal v Goyal EWCA Civ 792 raised the question of what jurisdiction, if any, the family court has to make an order transferring or assigning one spouse’s interest in a pension annuity policy to the other spouse outside the statutory scheme established by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (“the MCA 1973”). The current... Read More
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