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Divorce Archive - September 2023

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UK study finds link between divorce and cardiovascular health problems

A 13-year study has found that divorce can not only break one’s heart, but could also increase the risk of dying from a heart attack. Researchers at Aston Medical School in Birmingham studied almost 1 million patients and found that divorced patients who suffered a cardiac arrest were 16% less likely to survive than their married... Read More

Divorce is in your DNA, new research finds

A new study has shown that proneness to divorce may not be governed, as we currently think, by nurture, but by nature. Through looking at adopted children, researchers of Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University in Sweden have found that divorce could be encrypted in your genes. Many studies have proved that children of divorced... Read More

Why couples don't divorce in Russia

Whether in England, the United States, or elsewhere in Western Europe, divorces involving the Russians tend to provide plenty of fodder for the world’s media. So why is it that divorce proceedings involving two Russian nationals are so frequently issued elsewhere? The Russian Court has jurisdiction in divorce cases where either party... Read More

Reviewing bank account statements during divorce

During a divorce process, each spouse is required to complete full financial disclosure using a standard form, the Form E. One of the standard requirements of the Form E is to provide details of all bank accounts, and one year’s worth of statements for each account. Bank account statements can be a treasure trove of information. When I am... Read More

Ex-couple build global shoe brand on the heels of their divorce

It was a whirlwind six years for Jodie and Michael Fox. In 2006, the long-time university friends married. Three years later, alongside their co-founder and friend Mike Knapp, they launched Shoes of Prey -Jodie’s brainchild, an e-commerce website where women could design their own shoes. Fast-forward to 2012, and business was booming, but... Read More

In sickness and in health? Divorce and illness

Divorce lawyers are no stranger to the idea of broken vows, given that they deal with them every day, even though for married couples they can often spell disaster. But it seems that wives are more prone to being on the receiving end of one broken vow in particular: ‘in sickness and in health’. When it comes to the relationship... Read More
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