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Divorce Archive - October 2021

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5 red flags that your relationship could be over

Humans may well be complex individuals, but one thing that us warm-blooded beings share is our evolutionary urge to form bonds. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that so many of us crave and seek out the partnership and stability that marriage affords. And, if we’re really lucky, we form these marital bonds out of friendship and love.... Read More

How to divorce amicably

Divorce often carries connotations of negativity, sadness and failure. When we think of divorce and the termination of a marital union, it is rare to imagine the process as amicable, smooth, and non-adversarial. However, the idea of ending a marriage without confrontation is not an impossible feat and can most definitely be... Read More

How to save your marriage by Ayesha Vardag "Britain's Top Divorce Lawyer"

Being on the frontline of breakups, divorce lawyers see people at their worst, when everything’s gone sour and their marriages are truly beyond repair. But that’s not the whole story. It may seem ironic, but divorce lawyers also do a lot of mending – and witness a good few reconciliations. It may be hard to believe, but... Read More
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