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The disappearing £340,000 in the case of S v S

Many a divorce may involve a couple who are in dispute not about who should get what, but where the assets are in the first place. In this case, the husband wished to appeal a decision that it was he, rather than the wife, who had retained a disappeared sum of £340,000 in cash. The couple had been married for twelve years and had two... Read More

A man who forged his sick wife's signature on divorce papers has been jailed

Welshman Nicky Jones, 44, was found guilty of committing the fraud and jailed for eight months. He forged his wife's signature on divorce papers while she was in hospital, battling stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in her groin, back and stomach. Diagnosed in 2015, his wife Lucy was initially told she had three months to live. She had... Read More

High earners’ income post-divorce will be protected: how a wife’s bid for higher maintenance payments in the Court of Appeal has backfired

A woman applying for higher maintenance payments from her ex-husband has found her request backfiring upon her, with a court instead ordering that the payments should stop earlier than planned. In a significant Court of Appeal case last week, it was decided that where a spouse's future needs could be met using part of their financial award... Read More

Denmark: a study in easy divorces

Denmark turns out to have an astonishingly high divorce rate, with a speedy and cheap divorce process to match. Statistics Denmark revealed that 42.7% of all Danish marriages end in divorce, with single parenting and all the logistical issues that come with it becoming normalised. This percentage puts Denmark in fourth position for divorce rates... Read More

EA v NA and the Presumption of Death Act

In a recent, "very sad" High Court case Mr Justice Keehan granted a declaration of presumed death following a claim made by the wife of an Iraqi national who deserted her once she had helped secure him a British passport. The couple had met and married in Boston, Lincolnshire in 2005. The husband partly lived with his wife there,... Read More

Vanessa Trump to divorce Donald Trump Jr

Vanessa Trump is suing her husband, the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, for divorce. She has filed for an uncontested divorce in a New York court, meaning that issues such as the distribution of the couple's assets, or custody of their five children, will not be debated as part of the legal proceedings concerned with dissolving the... Read More

Mensah v Mensah: Competing divorce proceedings

This case is an appeal by the wife under Brussels II Regulations (BIIR) against an order which declared a Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute granted in the UK in 2016 null and void on the basis that the parties had already been divorced in France. It was appealed on the basis that the wife did not have proper notice of the French divorce. The appeal... Read More

Philippines moves closer to legalising divorce

Worldwide, divorce is illegal in only two countries: Vatican City and the Philippines, which has the largest Catholic population in Asia and the third largest in the world. Over 80% of the population describe themselves as adherents and most couples choose to marry in church. Since 1999, lawmakers have made numerous attempts to legalise divorce,... Read More

Mary J Blige settles divorce out of court

Mary J Blige has finally settled her divorce case. Less than a week before they were due to appear in court for a week-long divorce trial, Mary J Blige and Martin Isaacs settled the terms of their separation. The out of court settlement brings the drawn-out case to a close after almost 2 years. Blige filed for divorce in July 2016 after 13 years... Read More

Chinese court in Xi’an makes 'divorce exam' mandatory

A judge in the Chinese city of Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, has made it mandatory for divorcing couples to take a “divorce exam” before being approved for a divorce. The controversial “divorce exam” was developed by Wang Shiyu, a local judge in Yibin, Sichuan Province. It was trialled there last year. One case was widely... Read More
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