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Divorce Archive - May 2018

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Millionaire ex-wife Camilla Versteegh loses bid for Brexit payout

An ex-wife who was awarded £90million in her divorce from Swedish property tycoon Gerard Versteegh, lost her claim for £25m top-up after arguing that Brexit hit the value of her payout. Mrs Versteegh sought an appeal against a financial remedy proceedings order where she received about half of the non-business assets worth about... Read More

Wife 'trapped' in loveless marriage take battle for divorce to Supreme Court

A woman who was refused a decree nisi by the Court of Appeal is taking her battle for a divorce to the Supreme Court. Tini Owens, who has been married to multimillionaire mushroom farmer, Hugh Owens, for 39 years, filed for divorce in May 2015. Her husband has defended the petition ever since, attesting that their marriage has not... Read More

No Contest: a new report recommends no fault divorce

A new report by the Nuffield Foundation has recommended that the law be reformed to allow no fault divorce. The recent report entitled No Contest: Defended Divorce in England and Wales is a companion to the October 2017 Finding Fault report, which found that 'the law is incentivising people to exaggerate claims of 'behaviour' or... Read More

Sir James Munby gives guidance warning against accidental bigamy

Family Division President Sir James Munby has recently had to publish interim guidance after "a number of cases have been brought to [his] attention where decrees nisi and absolute have been granted" in violation of the Matrimonial Causes Act (MCA) 1973. Munby described two situations where divorce decrees were being granted in... Read More

Digitising divorce applications could save thousands of hours of court time

Allowing couples to apply for a divorce online could save countless hours of court time. Adam Lennon, head of family modernisation and improvement at Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), recently spoke about HMCTS's digitisation of divorce to the Westminster Legal Policy Forum. He predicted the modernisation move... Read More
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