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Divorce Archive - February 2018

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Royal marriage, divorce and the Church of England

With preparations for what is likely to be the most eagerly anticipated wedding of the year in full swing, the Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that the fact that Meghan Markle is a divorcée is "not a problem" for the Church of England. The actress and humanitarian was married to American film producer Trevor Engleson from 2011 to 2013,... Read More

Ant McPartlin may claim "genius" in divorce settlement

TV star Ant McPartlin could be set to attempt a contentious “genius manoeuvre” in his divorce case. Ant, of Ant and Dec fame, and his make-up artist wife, Lisa Armstrong, have been together for 23 years. They met at a Smash Hits concert in the mid 1990s. They were then both performing with pop groups – Ant was already working with Dec as PJ... Read More

Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova is reportedly divorcing her husband Kirill Shamalov

Katerina Tikhonova is purported to be Putin’s youngest daughter, though given Putin’s famous secrecy with regards to his personal life, this has never officially been confirmed. The Kremlin has ensured that Katerina is kept out of the public eye and she uses the surname ‘Tikhonova’, which is the patronymic name of her maternal grandmother.... Read More
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