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Divorce Archive - May 2017

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Comedy duo Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor divorce as friends

Fellow actors Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are the most recent Hollywood couple to decide to part ways. In a joint statement, the pair emphasised the fact that they are splitting amicably and will now concentrate on co-parenting. The Telegraph reports that Stiller, 51, proposed to Taylor, 45, during his filming of Meet the Parents. They... Read More

Australian same-sex couples who married abroad unable to divorce

Despite 22 same-sex marriage related parliamentary bills having been introduced since 2004 and recent polls showing that the majority of Australians are in favour of marriage equality, gay marriage has not yet been legalised in Australia. Though civil unions have been introduced in most Australian states, same-sex couples who wish to marry must... Read More

Clinton aide Huma Abedin files for divorce from Anthony Weiner

Vice Chair of Hillary Clinton's 2016 election campaign Huma Abedin is set to divorce her estranged husband Anthony Weiner, after filing her petition at Manhattan Supreme Court last Friday. The pair had separated last year amid allegations that Mr Weiner, a former congressman, had been exchanging sexually explicit messages and photographs... Read More

Sir James Munby calls for divorce law change “as fast as sensibly possible”

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, has called to hasten steps to "de-link" divorce and financial proceedings as well as usher in online divorce. In the latest 'View from the President's Chambers', Sir James Munby, who is the most senior family law judge in England and Wales, advocated strongly for the... Read More

DJ Mark Ronson’s model wife files for divorce

Grammy-winning producer, Mark Ronson, is getting divorced from his model and actress wife, Joséphine de La Baume after five and a half years of marriage. She filed the divorce petition, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for the split. Ronson, 41, best known for his collaborations with artists such as Amy Winehouse and Bruno... Read More

Landmark judgment in Italian Supreme Court ends indefinite maintenance payments

The Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome has ruled that divorcees do not have the right to automatic indefinite maintenance payments. The judges concluded the proceedings between Vittoria Grilli and Lisa Lowenstein with a call to modernise divorce and not see it as a “set-up for life”. The Telegraph reports that Italy’s... Read More

Wife awarded £453m in mammoth divorce case in English courts

An estranged wife has been awarded £453 million in one of the largest ever divorce settlements in the UK. The case, heard in London by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, upheld the English courts’ principle that there is to be no discrimination between the contribution of the breadwinner and homemaker. The Russian husband, 61, who is an oil... Read More

Hopes dashed for Israel's "chained wives"

Israeli 'chained wives' have had their hopes dashed after a state annulment bill, which could have dissolved their marriages, was shelved last week. In order to dissolve a marriage contract and leave their spouses free to remarry, a husband must grant the wife a document called a 'get'. When 'get refusers' deny their wives a divorce, they are... Read More

India’s Supreme Court decides whether to ban triple talaq

Update 22/08/2017: India’s Supreme court has ruled that the practice of triple talaq is unconstitutional.Today, India’s Supreme Court has officially commenced hearings concerning the practice of triple talaq divorce in Islam. A multi-faith panel will decide whether triple talaq is fundamental to the religion after receiving multiple petitions... Read More

Dear diary: Could writing your divorce narrative improve cardiovascular health?

Can keeping a diary help mend a broken heart? Quite possibly, according to a study published this week in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine. As its title suggests, 'The Impact of Narrative Expressive Writing on Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, and Blood Pressure Following Marital Separation' is concerned with the... Read More
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