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Divorce Archive - February 2017 - Page 1

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New bills threaten no-fault divorce and common-law marriage in Oklahoma

A new bill seeks to put an end to “incompatibility” as a ground for divorce in Oklahoma. Incompatibility is one of eleven reasons for divorce granted by state law, and the only one that isn't fault-based. The incompatibility reason allows couples to file for divorce together, preparing a joint affidavit to prove that the... Read More

Accusations of non-disclosure and indecent images cloud Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce

Lisa Marie Presley is claiming that she cannot afford to pay her estranged fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, spousal support nor cover his legal costs. He refuses to believe that, as a beneficiary of the Elvis Presley Enterprises trust, his wife does not have the funds available. The matter has recently been complicated further with allegations... Read More

Widespread media coverage as specialist divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag calls for no-fault divorce

Ayesha Vardag’s calls for no-fault divorce have resounded throughout the national media. The case of Tini Owens, woman who has taken her fight to obtain a divorce to the Court of Appeal, has prompted the public examination of English divorce law. Ayesha has been reported arguing in the Daily Mail, BBC News and AOL UK, among... Read More

Emma Gill champions no-fault divorce as guest star on BBC Radio 2

Emma Gill discussed English divorce law and the need for change on today's popular Jeremy Vine show, hosted today by Vanessa Feltz. Speaking of Tini Owen's high-profile fight to end her marriage, Emma emphasised how rare this case was, explaining that the vast majority of petitions go through the courts uncontested. She... Read More

Vardags’ John Oxley advocates no-fault divorce on BBC Radio 5 live

Fierce in our support of no-fault divorce, Vardags was sought out for comment by BBC Radio 5 live after a wife who was refused a divorce took her case to the Court of Appeal. Last year, a judge rejected the divorce petition of Tini Owens, 65, on the basis that her husband’s “continued beratement” about her affair was... Read More

Woman appeals refused divorce petition

Tini Owens (65), has gone to the Court of Appeal after being been refused permission to divorce Hugh Owens (78), her husband of 39 years. Judge Robin Tolson QC found that there were insufficient grounds for divorce and refused her application. He dismissed her allegations as “exaggerated”, “at best flimsy”,... Read More

Baroness Deech: current law on spousal maintenance "an impediment to equality"

Last month, a private member's bill tabled by Baroness Ruth Deech passed its second reading in the House of Lords. The Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill would amend the Matrimonial Causes Act, introducing an equal split of matrimonial assets as a "starting point" and placing a cap on maintenance claims. Under the Bill, spouses would only be... Read More

An Uber disaster: man sues for €45m, blaming app glitch for his divorce

A French businessman is suing taxi app Uber, on the ground that a software bug led to the breakdown of his marriage. According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the unnamed man was prompted to take such drastic action after his activity on the app allegedly aroused his wife's suspicions that he was being unfaithful. The man claims that,... Read More

Should spousal maintenance have a time limit? Ex-husband calls for reform

Update: on 10 August 2017, Mr Mills was granted permission to bring an appeal to the Supreme Court. A husband has called for the law to be changed after being ordered to increase maintenance payments to his ex-wife, 15 years after finalising their divorce. The Court of Appeal heard that the ex-wife had spent all of the lump sum awarded to her in... Read More

Bezeliansky v Bezelianskaya: The difficulty of enforcing financial provision orders

In the recent case of  Bezeliansky v Bezelianskaya, a wealthy Russian husband unsuccessfully applied for permission to appeal concerning a variation of a consent order and three committal orders. The husband and wife married on 14th April 2000 and moved to England in 2004 before having a daughter in 2006. The divorce petition was issued... Read More
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