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Divorce Archive - December 2017

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25 US states considered laws promoting co-parenting after divorce in 2017

In recent years there has been a notable decline in the USA of sole custody agreements awarded to mothers following divorce. Studies have estimated that shared custody agreements now make up over half of post-divorce parenting arrangements, overtaking sole-mother custody agreements as the most common outcome. This change can be seen as a product... Read More

Princess Tessy and Prince Louis of Luxembourg in dispute over media publication restrictions

High profile divorce cases naturally attract a lot of media attention. However, the parties involved do not always agree on the amount of information they would like to publicly disclose. There has been a push for more transparency within the family courts and judges are encouraged to allow the press to attend, although orders can be made to... Read More

Divorce and women’s rights: a history

Divorce laws have been intimately bound with the rights of women, and their evolution mirrors the changing role of women in society. Whilst law reform has often been reactive – lurching from injustice to injustice – it can also be transformational. Divorce laws have changed from women effectively being a chattel of their husband to... Read More

Specialist financial remedy courts help unburden the family justice system

As family life becomes more complex, people are turning to the courts to resolve their issues but the law itself is yet to catch up. As a result, these many and varied cases are taking longer to be resolved, placing a burden upon the courts and prolonging proceedings. Leading judges have recently commented on the current pressure facing the... Read More

Is divorce fair? A closer look at ‘meal-tickets for life’

Last summer, a private members bill that would transform the nature of financial provision on divorce passed its first reading in the House of Lords. Introduced by Baroness Ruth Deech, the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill would amend the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, putting a time limit on spousal maintenance payments and introducing a... Read More

International divorce agreement not recognised in England and Wales

An Irish businesswoman, Barbara Fatemah Spain, succeeded in her legal battle to show that the ‘revocable divorce’ acknowledged in the UAE should not be recognised and should be revoked. She was successful despite strong opposition from her husband, Iranian businessman Mehrdad Radseresht, who claims that the divorce he initiated in... Read More
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