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Ayesha Vardag: The Romantic Divorce Lawyer

Ayesha Vardag spoke to Friday Magazine about her romantic heart and how it affects her work at the top of family law. In an interview carried out ahead of the firm’s expansion to Dubai, she told the magazine “nothing is sadder than a lost love or a broken dream". Discussing her own marriage to Vardags financial director Stephen Bence,... Read More

Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. The couple married in August 2014 but have been together since sparks flew on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005. Internet gossip sights have been awash with rumours of trouble in their relationship for months. As far back as 2010, the pair successfully... Read More

Ayesha Vardags’ 10 Tips for Divorcing Husbands

Ayesha Vardag shared her ten tips for divorcing husbands with The Huffington Post. Speaking from her experience of over ten years at the top of family law, she discussed her suggestions for husbands looking for legitimate ways of reducing the amount they might have to pay to their wife. Her first tip was to consider a pre- or post-... Read More

The Split: new BBC drama featuring female divorce lawyers announced

The BBC recently announced that it has given the green light to a brand new original drama series, The Split, which will focus on female lawyers in London, the “divorce capital of the world”. The series, due to air next year, will focus on three sisters, two of whom are leading divorce lawyers at rival City firms. While it will... Read More

China’s richest young couple set for £1.7b divorce

China’s richest young couple, Zhou Yahui and Li Qiong, are currently embroiled in the country’s most expensive divorce. The pair is estimated to be worth billions, having made their fortune through the Beijing based gaming company, Kunlun Tech. Zhou Yahui and Li Qiong are officially China’s most affluent couple under... Read More

War-torn Syria sees a surge in divorce cases

Divorce and polygamy are on the rise in Syria, the Associated Press reports, with hundreds of thousands of Syrian men having been killed, exiled or simply disappearing during the conflict. Since the uprising began in 2011, 470,000 Syrian nationals lost their lives, due directly or indirectly to the crisis, according to the Syrian Centre for... Read More

The danger of DIY divorce

With divorce as with all other aspects of modern life, people are increasingly turning to online services. In recent years a plethora of DIY divorce websites have sprung up offering separation packages for couples hoping for speedy and amicable divorces. Though bound by the six week legal minimum time period, many promise separations within a... Read More

Sharia law expert calls for UK courts to issue Islamic divorces

A prominent sharia law expert has called for UK courts to issue Islamic divorces. In recent recommendations, Dr Elham Manea, an advisor for the Homes Affairs Select Committee, proposed a specialised unit be created to protect the rights of Muslim women. She has advocated for mandatory civil marriages alongside religious ceremonies and... Read More

Japan set to axe spousal tax breaks

After 55 years, Japan is considering axing its spousal tax breaks in an effort to encourage women into the workplace on a full-time basis. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party plans to abolish the tax break which was introduced in 1961. Politicians believe that the tax break is outdated and is deterring many people, mainly women, from seeking... Read More

Divorce rates in Shanghai skyrocket amidst property law rumours

Couples in Shanghai have been scrambling to divorce this week, but not because of an epidemic of marital discord. Many couples are untying the knot in order to cash in on the city’s strong property market—before it’s too late. Currently in Shanghai, first-time homebuyers must pay a 30 percent down payment while people investing in a second... Read More
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