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Prenups and politics: expect the unexpected

2016 has marked a year of upheaval and uncertainty. In the year where Donald Trump, the most unlikely of candidates, has been elected as the new President of the United States, and the referendum has put England’s exit from the European Union into motion, the public have been alerted to the fact that we cannot predict the future with any... Read More

Israeli rabbinical authorities detain father over son's refusal to divorce

An Israeli rabbinical court has taken punitive measures against an American citizen, who is alleged to be responsible for his son's refusal to grant his wife a divorce. Mr Jacob Hoffman, who runs a New York real estate company, has been forced to remain in an apartment in Jerusalem for over a year, after the court confiscated his passport... Read More

Brad Pitt challenges Angelina Jolie’s child custody demands

This weekend it was revealed that Brad Pitt has applied for joint physical and legal custody of his six children. This request was included in Mr Pitt’s response to Ms Jolie’s divorce petition that shocked the media on the 19th September. When filing for divorce because of “irreconcilable differences”, Angelina Jolie... Read More

The Home Affairs Sharia councils inquiry: A review so far

The Home Affairs inquiry into UK Sharia law councils began this week with evidence-gathering commencing on Tuesday. The Select Committee are focusing the inquiry on the treatment of women in cases involving divorce, domestic violence and child custody disputes. Sharia councils, of which there are an estimated 85 in the UK, are unregulated, have... Read More

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash claims he was never married during divorce dispute

British-American rock star Saul Hudson, known professionally as 'Slash', has appealed to a judge to confirm that his marriage to Perla Ferrar is invalid, TMZ reports. According to Slash, when he and Ms Ferrar tied the knot in 2001, she was in fact still married to her first husband, thus rendering the latter union null and void. Ms... Read More

Prenuptial agreement clauses: the good, the bad and the highly unusual

The story of the Saudi groom who asked for a divorce just two hours after tying the knot made headlines when it was revealed in 2016 - and not just because of the brevity of the marriage. According to Gulf News, the unnamed man called time on the marriage upon the discovery that his new bride had shared photographs from their wedding with... Read More

Islamic porch-step divorce ruled bogus by Australian court

The Sydney Family Court has ruled against an Islamic divorce made on a front porch which awarded the wife only 10 percent of the husband’s $1 million in assets. The couple, known as Mr Ahmed and Ms Basra in the court documents, married in an Islamic ceremony in Australia in 1997 when Ms Basra was 18. They remarried in Lebanon the same... Read More

Matrimonial mansion must be split by brick wall following owners' divorce, court rules

A Russian divorce court appears to have take the notion of 50/50 division of assets on divorce rather literally - ordering a wealthy couple to build a brick wall to split their matrimonial home in two. Ms Margarita Tsvitnenko, a former accountant, shared a £2 million mansion located in the affluent Moscow suburb of Rublyovka with her... Read More

The end of talaq in India? Supreme Court could declare practice unconstitutional

Update 22/08/2017: India's Supreme court has ruled that the practice of triple talaq is unconstitutional.India's Supreme Court could be on the brink of abolishing talaq, on the grounds that this method of divorce undermines the promise of gender equality enshrined in the country's constitution. The Islamic practice of talaq-ul-bidat,... Read More

Vardags' client secures England's largest ever Part III award

On 12 October 2016 Nicholas Cusworth QC, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge, awarded a wife over £63 million, in what is thought to be the largest lump sum ever against a spouse after a foreign divorce. Vardags is proud to have represented the wife, Sareh Al-Baker, with Managing Director Catherine Thomas leading the case alongside... Read More
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