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Divorce Archive - 2016 - Page 15

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Divorce in history and culture: Islam

  For the majority of the last 1000 years the UK has been a largely Christian nation and, to some degree or other, marriage has been interwoven with religion throughout its history. However as the UK becomes more of a multicultural society, other religions with their own marriage traditions are being introduced. Islam is one of the... Read More

Jo Wood evicts her brother from home she won in divorce

Jo Wood, ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, won a court battle against her brother earlier this month and he will now be evicted from the home in which he lived for ten years. The house was ostensibly bought for Vinnie Karslake where he has lived rent free ever since, but after the Woods divorced in 2011, Jo was awarded the property which she... Read More

Gwen Stefani leaves Gavin Rossdale with less than half in their divorce

Musicians Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have reached a divorce settlement, with Rossdale receiving less than 50 percent of their riches. Stefani and Rossdale met while their bands, No Doubt and Bush, were on tour in 1995. A source told People that Rossdale agreed to give Stefani the lion’s share of their financial assets and... Read More

An $11M memory lapse: Sugar tycoon forgets to sign own divorce agreement

New York sugar tycoon Daniel Rosenblum has been ordered to immediately pay his ex-wife $11 million after a judge rescinded their revised divorce agreement because the signature lines were still blank. The agreement reached last year stated Mr Rosenblum was to pay his estranged wife, socialite and former model turned successful racehorse... Read More

Divorce in history and culture: White v White

After jumping back hundreds of years for the first blog in this series, this time we’ll only be going back sixteen. The case of White v White ended in 2000 with a landmark ruling regarding the distribution of wealth and property after divorce, before which women were given a rather shorter end of the stick. Until the case was resolved,... Read More

Marriage, divorce and millennials: China’s 'leftover women'

Having looked at Singapore and what’s been termed their ‘singles crisis’, for my last in this series, I’m going to examine how millennials engage with marriage and divorce in China. Last week SK-II, a Chinese skincare company, released a short film addressing what the Chinese call ‘leftover women’ –... Read More

Joy of Love: Pope Francis’ Exhortation reveals new approach to divorce and homosexuality

The Vatican has officially released its post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation today entitled Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love) which outlines Pope Francis’s vision for the future of the Catholic Church on various family issues including marriage, abortion, divorce, and homosexual relationships. Although it in no way seeks to alter the... Read More

The Panama Papers and divorce

When it comes to hiding assets with a divorce looming, it seems there is no limits to the lengths some will go to.  The recently uncovered Panama Papers outed Mossack Fonseca, a global law firm that creates offshore shelters. Some of its clients used offshore companies not only to evade taxes, but to hide assets from their soon-to-be... Read More

Add-back: compensating for financial misconduct

In March 2016, the court made an interesting decision in respect of the controversial principle of add-back, i.e. the compensation of one of the parties for the adverse effects of the other party’s financial misconduct. BD v FD: background to the case The parties were married in 2002, and separated in 2013 after an eleven-year relationship.... Read More

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman announce divorce

Last Friday, the tabloids were rife with rumours that Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore and her art consultant husband, Will Kopelman were separating. A day later, Barrymore and Kopelman confirmed their intention to divorce in a joint statement to People magazine. The couple married in a Jewish ceremony in 2012 and have two daughters... Read More
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