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Excessive school tuition budget slammed by High Court judge

In an unreported High Court case, Roberts J has refused to award a mother an additional tuition fund for her already privately educated children. The mother applied for £150,000 per annum to cover expenses relating to the children. Of that sum £60,000 was to cover the cost of out-of-school tuition. The father argued that the children were... Read More

Juffali v Juffali – Roberts J sends ‘needs’ into the stratosphere

Christina Estrada Juffali, the former Pirelli model, applied for financial relief under Part III of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 from her former husband Dr Walid Juffali, the multimillionaire Saudi businessman. Ms Estrada sought a global provision of £196.5m, the major components being £62.8m for her London housing fund and... Read More

Resolution hopeful new Justice Secretary will implement no fault divorces

Resolution has warmly welcomed the new Justice Secretary, the Rt. Hon Liz Truss. Nigel Shepherd, Resolution Chair, said: “I’d like to congratulate Ms Truss on her appointment, and look forward to building on the strong relationship Resolution has with Ministers and officials within her new department. “Resolution... Read More

Former millionaire whose ex-wife received 90% of the matrimonial assets requests 'clean break'

In March, former business woman and homemaker Jane Morris was awarded £500,000 in her divorce settlement following her split from software tycoon Peter Morris -nearly the entirety of their matrimonial assets. During proceedings, Mr Morris was also ordered to pay his ex-wife, the primary caregiver of their three children, £77,000... Read More

Kurt Cobain’s daughter in divorce feud over late father’s guitar

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late rock star Kurt Cobain, is currently fighting her estranged husband Isaiah Silva over who will retain possession of a $1,000,000 guitar originally owned by her father. The pair married in 2014 but announced their impending divorce in March this year, after 21 months of marriage. However, the... Read More

Prenuptial housing: home will split in two if its occupants divorce

A Dutch firm has designed a floating house that can be separated in half, allowing both parts of a separating couple to retain their home after the dissolution of their marriage. Omar Kibri, a self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert, partnered with architectural firm Studio OBA to bring the design to life. Kibri was inspired to create the... Read More

From Russia with love: no divorces on national Valentine’s Day

A Russian region has taken the unusual step to promote marriage and family values by announcing a no divorce day. Novgorod, a Northwest region of Russia, has celebrated Peter and Fevronia Day on 8 July since 2008. Saints Peter and Fevronia are the orthodox patrons of marriage and the day is the Russian equivalent of Valentine’s Day,... Read More

New Family Justice Council guide clarifies definition of financial needs on divorce

Christina Estrada has provoked some consternation in expressing her financial needs post-separation. These have included £62 million for a home, £23,000 for six ‘casual’ handbags and £35,000 for ten clutch bags, £9,400 for four bottles of face cream, among other costs including nearly £250,000 for the... Read More

Former Pirelli model seeks £250 million from ex-husband

Christina Estrada, a former model and ex-wife of a Saudi billionaire is seeking a quarter of a billion pounds from her divorce settlement in order to fund her new life, a court has heard. Ms Estrada, 59, says the money she is hoping to receive from ex-husband Dr Walid Juffali, 61, is to pay for new homes, clothes, cars and even art, among... Read More

Fiction vs Family Law : HBO’s divorce

HBO has released the first teaser trailer for its new show Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker – best known for playing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City – and written by Sharon Horgan, who also worked on British comedies Pulling and Catastrophe. As the title would suggest, it centres a couple who are planning to end their marriage – but... Read More
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