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Divorce Archive - September 2016 - Page 2

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Post-holiday divorce spike reaffirmed by new research

The leaves are turning, the air is brisk, the kids are going back to school… and divorce rates are rising. A study from the University of Washington has found that divorce rates are seasonal, and tend to worsen following a holiday. Researchers Julie Brines and Brian Serafini found that divorce rates in Washington are highest in August... Read More

Divorce: A silver lining

Ayesha Vardag was quoted by The Economist in the paper’s column on so-called “Silver Splitters”. The piece examined the trend of people divorce in their sixties, questioning why this trend had emerged. The article surmised that it was a mixture of longer life expectancy, financial security for women and changing social attitudes... Read More

Claws out in £50million split of tiger couple

The Daily Mail reported on the latest stage of the divorce between Li Quan and her husband Stuart Bray. The couple are in a prolonged dispute following estrangement over their charity, Save China’s Tigers. The charity has helped re-wild a number of the animals. The couple have remained living together in their shared home during the course... Read More

Vardags Achieve Victory for Michelle Young

The divorce case which has consumed legal London for around 7 years finally came to an end, with Vardags securing a victory for the wife. During the course of the lengthy proceedings, businessman Scot Young claimed that he had lost all his money in a property deal turned sour, whilst his wife fought for a multi-million pound settlement. Following... Read More

Christmas Divorces: Sprouts, turkey and furtive texting

The press regularly report on the spike in business for divorce lawyers which follows the Christmas period. A number of newspapers spoke with the Vardags president about the things that can trigger a New Year marital breakdown. Ayesha told the Daily Telegraph “Christmas is a real crucible of emotions and everyone is communicating. It is... Read More

The most scandalous celebrity divorces in history

As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’ s divorce hits the headlines, it is worth remembering that there was once a time before the divorce agenda was dominated by PR teams, “irreconcilable differences” and dignified silence. Whilst today divorce proceedings are usually conducted in private, high profile divorce cases once led to... Read More

Why arbitration is the future for divorce

Vardags director Catherine Thomas wrote for the international website The Global Legal Post about the firm’s pioneering use of arbitration. Highlighting the administrative problems which plague the family courts, she explained: “The courts are suffering from a two-pronged attack:  The funding of legal aid for family... Read More

Calls for domestic violence minister to resign after historical assault charge emerges

Charities and domestic violence campaigners have called for the resignation of Labour domestic violence minister after it emerged that she had been arrested for assaulting her husband in 2007. Rotherham MP Sarah Champion admitted on Saturday that she had spent the night in a police cell after an argument with her then-husband Graham Hoyland.... Read More

'Diva of Divorce' hits out at 'rich-bashing'

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, 'Diva of Divorce' Ayesha Vardag spoke out and criticised a culture of “rich bashing” in the UK.  She said “There’s a strange, underdog culture in Britain whereby the rich and successful are bashed repeatedly. It’s the antithesis of America, where hard work and success are... Read More

Happily Never After: How to have a Good Divorce

Vardags President Ayesha Vardag spoke to the Evening Standard about her tips for having an amicable divorce. She firstly gave her views on mediation, saying “I don’t find mediation is helpful for a lot of couples who’ve gone so far as to use solicitors. It’s great for couples who have transparency and are approaching it in... Read More
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