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Divorce in history and culture: royal divorces

In the UK, it’s only a slight stretch to say that our royals invented divorce – while the concept itself wasn’t created by the British monarchy, it was King Henry VIII who changed both state and church to be allowed to marry Anne Boleyn, and though divorce has changed over time, it was his actions that brought British divorces... Read More

New book aims to help children cope with parental divorce

If you have children and are planning to divorce your partner, there may well be extra weight on your mind. The impact divorce has on children is something that sociologists have been studying for decades but they are still yet to reach a consensus. This is most likely because different divorces affect different children in different ways. There... Read More

Husband and wife imprison maid for three days following failed adultery plot

A wealthy couple tied up and imprisoned their maid after the wife hatched a plot to use her as a way of obtaining a divorce, a court has heard. Businessman Zekri Gris, 56, initially hired Niressa De-Vincente, 36, to look after their four children and to clean the family’s £650,000 home, but his wife had other plans. Dina Gris, 35, offered Ms... Read More

Wyatt v Vince settlement to be made public, court rules

At the Royal Courts of Justice on 20 May 2016, Mr Justice Cobb presided over the latest instalment of the Wyatt v Vince financial legal battle. He ruled that the final settlement reached by the parties should be published and that the husband should contribute to the wife’s legal costs for the hearing in May, given that he had refused to... Read More

Chinese orphan married at age 12 is granted a divorce

Ma Banyan, an orphan from rural southwest China, was forced to marry a man more than twice her age in 2000. A county court in Chongqing has now granted her a divorce from Chen Xueshen, her abusive husband. The court ruled that their two children, along with their property and other assets, would stay with Chen. China’s minimum marriage... Read More

The top 10 reasons why divorce petitions are returned

Resolution have circulated the top 10 reasons divorce petitions are being returned. Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) revealed last year that, since the move from courts to Divorce Centres, approximately 40% of petitions are being returned due to drafting errors. In April 2016 Bury St Edmunds Divorce Centre put together the top... Read More

Mamma mia: ex-wife’s alimony is handed over in slices

A 50 year-old pizza baker from Padua, Northern Italy was granted permission to pay his ex-wife alimony in pizza—entitling her to €400 worth of pies and calzoni every month. A chance discovery in Padua courthouse by an Italian reporter has thrust a truly remarkable family law story into the spotlight. As The Telegraph reports,... Read More

What are some of Vardags most famous cases?

Pauline Chai v Khoo Kay Peng (Chai v Khoo) divorce case overview This concerns former beauty queen Pauline Chai and her husband, Khoo Kay Peng, one of Malaysia’s richest businessmen. It is one of the largest and most complicated cases to ever come before the British divorce courts. The couple were married for 43 years, as the Malaysian... Read More

What are the most important cases about maintenance and income?

SS v NS (Spousal Maintenance) EWHC 4183 (Fam) This is a recent judgment of Mr Justice Mostyn which shows the changing approach of the courts to spousal maintenance. The husband and wife were 40 and 39 respectively, and had been together for 11 years. The husband worked in banking. Though he was very successful, he was reducing his work load... Read More
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