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How can I pay my lawyers?

As you go through proceedings, it will be necessary to pay your legal fees. Most solicitors will expect you to pay your bills each month. In addition, any expenses your solicitors incur, such as fees for barristers will also have to be paid. In normal litigation it is common for the losing side to pay the winner’s costs. This does not... Read More

My partner isn’t paying me what they are meant to – how do I enforce the order against them?

The English courts have wide-ranging powers to enforce the orders which they make, however this can only be done on the application of the party that is owed the debt. The court is able to order the following methods of enforcement: (a) Writ of Control This is an order allowing the bailiff to seize goods, either to hold them until... Read More

France proposes divorce by mutual consent - without a judge

Today marks the commencement of a new parliamentary session here in the UK, which has promised to bring a second reading of the No-Fault Divorce bill in the House of Commons. If passed into law, the bill would remove the need for parting couples to assign blame to one another when divorcing, a move welcomed by both family law experts and the... Read More

A costly oversight: finance order made before decree nisi

Mr Justice Cobb, sitting in the Family Court in Leeds, had to consider the validity of financial orders made in a case where the court was not aware that they were finalising financial provisions before pronouncement of decree nisi. The applicant and respondent were married for 17 years. The parties’ relationship broke down in 2014,... Read More

The history of our grounds for divorce

In English law there is only one 'ground' for divorce- 'irretrievable breakdown of a marriage' – but there are five ‘facts’ that can constitute this: adultery unreasonable behaviour desertion living apart for two years with your spouse’s consent to divorce, or living apart... Read More

Delaware to decide if homosexuality is grounds for divorce

The Senate for the state of Delaware is due to vote on a bill this week to remove the terms ‘homosexuality’ and ‘lesbianism’ from the legislative definition of ‘misconduct’ as part of the grounds for divorce. Delaware law defines misconduct as behaviour by a spouse that is destructive and unreasonable so... Read More

Widow loses out on £6M divorce settlement after husband dies during proceedings

Mari Vindis is contesting her late husband’s will, which left her with £36,000 -pittance compared to the £6 million she alleges she would have gained in her divorce, had her estranged spouse not died during proceedings. As reported by The Telegraph, Mrs Vindis separated from Nigel Vindis, of car dealership chain Vindis... Read More

Parenthood makes you more miserable than divorce, German study suggests

The birth of a first child causes a plunge in happiness worse than that of divorce, unemployment or a spouse’s death, a study by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) and the University of Western Ontario found. While parents-to-be reported more joy in the year preceding their first child, 70 per cent of new parents... Read More

Marriage, divorce and millennials: social media

With 75% of millennials (those between 28 and 43[1]) considering social media an essential part of their daily life, it’s safe to say that social media has become a ubiquitous part of modern life. With this in mind, we are sure it will surprise very few to discover that these websites are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to... Read More
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