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Divorce Archive - 2016

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A look at Le Pacte civil de solidarité

In England and Wales, current law requires couples to provide fault based reasoning in order to obtain a divorce. The introduction of no-fault divorce is a cause long advocated by Vardags, on the basis that adults with capacity should not be required to denigrate each other once they have reached the conclusion that their marriage has... Read More

Multimillionaire takes case for special contribution to the Court of Appeal

The case of Gray v Work EWHC 834 (Fam), heard in the High Court last March, is a stark reminder that it is exceptionally difficult to argue that an individual’s specific contributions merit an unequal division of assets on divorce. US businessman Randy Work had been married to Mandy Gray for nearly 20 years when divorce proceedings commenced in... Read More

Redstone gave “tens of millions” to women he bedded, ex-girlfriend claims in court documents

  In the latest development of the Sumner Redstone elder abuse lawsuit, the media mogul’s ex-girlfriend, Sydney Holland, has claimed that he gave “tens of millions” to mistresses and lovers while they were together. The evidence was part of Holland’s new complaint, filed on Monday. In October this year, Mr... Read More

US actress Sofia Vergara sued by own embryos

The ongoing battle over Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb’s embryos took a dramatic turn last Tuesday when Mr Loeb filed a right-to-live lawsuit on behalf of the fertilized eggs. Ms Vergara and Mr Loeb had the eggs fertilised in vitro in 2013 and the pair’s subsequent split cast them both into a bitter battle for custody rights. Vergara claims that... Read More

High court judge rules in favour of husband who hid millions

Six years after finalising the divorce settlement, a wife has returned to court following the discovery that her husband had failed to disclose millions during financial remedy proceedings. The husband, whose wealth comes from his family company Screwfix, had omitted his significant interest in two trusts. Mr and Ms Goddard-Watts began... Read More

Mediation: mandatory or mediocre?

Since the changes to legislation in April 2014, divorcing couples have been required to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before their case can be brought to court. This measure allows for private negotiation to take place before a neutral mediator where each is afforded decision-making power. Alternative dispute... Read More

Millionaire’s ex returns for a larger share 11 years after divorce

Glen and Nicola Briers divorced in 2002 when Mr Briers’ fashion company, Lydonford Ltd, had an annual turnover of £1 million. Now, 11 years on, the company turns over £30 million and Ms Briers is back after a 2015 judgment entitled her to £2.7 million of his £10 million fortune. Mr Briers has now gone to the Court of Appeal to challenge the... Read More

Flying in the face of convention: Amelia Earhart’s modern prenup

Amelia Earhart was remarkable for many reasons. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, for which she received the US Distinguished Flying Cross, and was a founder of The Ninety-Nines, an organisation for female pilots. With these accolades and her support of the Equal Rights Amendment, Earhart has now become something of... Read More

Does love Trump politics? Brexit, the US election and divorce

In July, a despairing Remainer wrote to The Guardian agony aunt Mariella Frostrup regarding the ruinous effect of the EU referendum on her relationship. The writer expressed having “never felt so isolated in..…life” after her partner voted to leave the European Union, and was at a loss as to how to resolve the “catastrophic... Read More

Fashion victim: Trinny Woodall chased by her late ex-husband’s debt

Trinny Woodall, the star of the early 2000s BBC programme What Not to Wear, is being pursued beyond the grave by her ex-husband’s financial troubles. Creditors who are owed almost £300,000 by the late Mr Elichaoff have decided to take their case to the High Court to make his ex-wife settle the debt. Ms Woodall, 52, married rock drummer Johnny... Read More
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