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Custody battles: the Minnock case

The process of determining which parent a child will live with after a divorce causes great emotional distress for many parents – whether or not they are the parent who ultimately succeeds with their plea – and is a decision that judges will make carefully. There is a common feeling among many fathers that the family... Read More

Ayesha Vardag stars on Woman’s Hour to discuss Sharland and Gohil

Ayesha Vardag has made her Woman’s Hour debut on BBC Radio 4. Speaking to Radio 4 veteran Jane Garvey, she discussed the potential impact of the Sharland and Gohil cases currently going before the Supreme Court and the wider issues involved in non-disclosure and fraud within the court system. In both cases, Sharland and Gohil, the... Read More

A 9 year-old's inspiring 'Broken Home Kid' story goes viral

  Amicable co-parenting has just got a ringing endorsement from an unlikely source…and it’s gone viral online. 9 year-old Azka Corbuzier from Indonesia is very happy with his family life – even though his parents are divorced – and he decided to make a video to tell the world that divorce doesn’t have... Read More

How the super-rich really hide their assets during messy divorces

Ayesha Vardag has spent over a decade at the top of family law and has worked on some of the biggest and most high profile divorces around. She has now spoken to the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph about some of the tricks used to hide wealth. Ayesha told the Daily Mail “Private businesses are so easy to hide money in - you can hide... Read More

Male pattern infidelity: financially-dependent men more likely to cheat

According to a study by the University of Connecticut, economically-dependent spouses, especially male non-earners, are more likely to cheat than their breadwinner counterparts. The study, whose findings have been reported in the American Sociological Review under the title ‘Her Support, His Support: Money, Masculinity, and Marital... Read More

Divorce in Hampshire: future-proofing your assets

As a family law firm working for high net worth individuals, Vardags has found through its presence in Winchester that there are around four times as many divorce enquiries from Hampshire as there are in other counties. This makes a clear point about what may happen to assets on divorce: there’s a lot to lose, not least being Lord of the... Read More

Italy cuts divorce waiting time to six months

Italy has cut the pre-divorce waiting time from three years to six months, giving a strong indication of the country’s changing social mores. Italy’s approach to marital breakdown has historically been highly conservative, only legalising divorce in 1970. Even after its legalisation the country required a strict waiting period... Read More

Love lessons from history

As a historian, I was drawn to tales of love and scandal. It therefore comes as little surprise to those close to me that my career ambitions are firmly focused on family law. This blog will explore the love lessons to be learned from the broken hearts of some of the greatest relationship breakdowns in history. Lesson One: Hell hath no fury like a... Read More

The biggest bigamist? Woman allegedly married 10 times, never filed for divorce

They say that Hollywood success puts strain on relationships and leads to multiple marriages and divorce, but it seems that you don’t have to be an A-lister to rack up a fair few partners. You also don’t need to divorce them all. In New York, a woman from the Bronx, Lianna Barrientos, is facing criminal charges after it emerged that... Read More

All change for Winchester divorces

There’s been a bit of a change in the way that divorce cases are handled across the country. Traditionally, you’d file your divorce petition and other applications with your local county court, but now, in an effort to streamline the process, you’ll now have to go to your ‘regional centre’. For Winchester residents,... Read More
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