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‘For Laura’: Half-of-everything divorce stunt a hoax

For an English readership, the idea that a man in Germany had taken the 50/50 division of assets to its literal extreme may have evoked a wicked sense of schadenfreude. Perhaps that explains how quickly the story went viral. But its popularity exceeded the confines of England, being reported by Fox News in America and the Metro here in the UK and... Read More

British divorcee jailed for blackmailing ex-wife over 'revenge porn'

A British man has been jailed for 12 years at Truro crown court after he attempted to blackmail his wealthy ex-wife’s family. James Casbolt, 37, of St Ives in Cornwall, demanded the sum of £2 million in exchange for him refraining from sharing explicit material of his ex-wife, Haley Meijer on the internet. Haley Meijer is the heiress daughter... Read More

English pensions and overseas divorces

What happens to a pension built up in England and Wales when the owner of the pension moves overseas, marries and divorces? Here we look at pensions and Part III of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984, which provides for financial relief in England following an overseas divorce. Typical scenario For ease, H and W have been used to... Read More

'Joint lives' maintenance awards fall in North

According to new research from a Manchester-based firm, increasing numbers of women are flocking down to London to have their divorces heard in the capital. The claim is that far fewer ‘joint lives’ maintenance orders are now being granted in the north of England than in the south, particularly in London. Consequently, women are... Read More

Cost of divorce set to increase

The price of getting a divorce is being hiked up by a third as the government announces plans to raise court fees. Married couples seeking a divorce will now be expected to pay £550 – an increase of £140. Not that divorcing couples are the only court users to be hit: general applications in civil proceedings are seeing a... Read More

Get down the aisle on time or face divorce risk

Is there an optimum time to get married? Or rather, if you don’t get married by a certain point, is your marriage more likely to fail? Nicholas Wolfinger, a long-haired sociologist from the University of Utah has been researching just that, and he’s now published his findings. It seems that the optimum time to marry is in your... Read More

About that 100% divorce story…

  The papers, not to mention the letters and comments pages, have been awash with reactions to one particular case over the last few days: that of anaesthetist Dr Essam Aly and his estranged wife Enas, the so-called 100% divorce case. The story goes that Dr Essam Aly left his wife and children in 2011, dashed off to Bahrain,... Read More

Divorce with an international element: How to win your jurisdiction race in the EU

What is a ‘jurisdiction race’? When a marriage has an international element, it can often be confusing for the parties to know where they should file for divorce, especially where they have a connection to more than one country. This might only become more difficult once they understand that there can be some financial... Read More

Finding hidden assets: the changing field of divorce finance

One of the most common conundrums for divorcing spouses is navigating the murky waters of the finances. In principle, most people know that marriage entails the merging of assets, but when it comes to marital breakdown, it often hits people that a breakup means the division of those assets. For the wealthier party, the breadwinner, that could... Read More

Divorce can be healthy!

A major UK study conducted in 2015 based on research from three institutions in the UK suggested that divorce presents no discernible long-term health problems. The Institute of Education (IoE), the London School of Economics (LSE) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducted their research by collecting data from more... Read More
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