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Valuing a business during a divorce

There are several methods to valuing a business accepted by the court. The method chosen seems to depend on the type of business being valued. Indeed, there is no correct method of valuing business interests, although there are preferred industry and sector-led valuation methods, depending on the nature and constitution of the business. When a... Read More

Who really initiates divorce, and why?

We’re often told that women are more frequently the ones who petition for divorce. There seems to be little arguing with that in the UK – according to the latest ONS divorce statistics (which takes data from 2012), 65% of all divorces were granted to women. But does this mean that women are always more likely to initiate a... Read More

The Barder principle and its uses in family law

The Barder principle allows a family law court to exercise its discretion to grant leave to appeal out of time, if certain conditions are satisfied. You can apply the principle under the following conditions (1) a new event invalidates the basis upon which the order was made or (2) the event occurs within a relatively short period... Read More

Could the days of the triple talaq be numbered?

A survey spanning ten states in India has revealed that a staggering 92 percent of women across the country want the triple talaq – an Islamic oral divorce pronouncement – to be banned. This kind of divorce can only be issued by the husband, not the wife. To give some background, Islamic marriage is governed by Sharia Law.... Read More

When family law overlaps with professional regulation

Medical professionals approaching Vardags for advice on their relationships are often concerned to know what, if any, impact divorce proceedings will have on the division of their assets, their pensions, and their future earning capacity. Medical professionals also need to be aware that their family affairs could result in them making an... Read More

Pope Francis inclusive of divorcees

Pope Francis has now indicated that the Roman Catholic Church should soften its stance on divorcees and remarried Catholics. According to reports in the Associated Press, Pope Francis made the comments while speaking at his first general audience since his summer break. He did not suggest that divorcing and remarrying without an annulment was... Read More

Divorce in India on the rise…but on what grounds?

India traditionally has a very low divorce rate, though according to a recent BBC News article, this is changing, with divorces becoming more frequent. A common reason for divorce in India is ‘mental cruelty’ which can work in a similar way to our nebulous and imprecise ‘unreasonable behaviour’. It can cover a... Read More

Greece signed up to Rome III regulation on divorce law

Greece has officially become a signatory to the Rome III regulation on divorce law. Greece signed up to the regulation – officially called the Council Regulation (EU) No. 1259/2010 – in October 2014; it has now come into force. The regulation was passed by the EU Council in 2010, and it now has sixteen signatories including... Read More

Kermit and Miss Piggy announce split

Devastating news for Muppet fans everywhere: Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have announced that they have ended their relationship. In keeping with the modern era, the ever-youthful duo made the announcement via separate statements on social media. Many people will be saddened by the end of the famous 'rainbow connection', but,... Read More

When is adultery not adultery?

BBC Radio 4 tackled the issue of adultery and divorce on its iPM programme this weekend. Presenting a case study from a listener who had discovered, to her dismay, that she was not able to divorce her husband for his affairs with other men by citing adultery, it threw into sharp relief the outdated view of sexuality and relationships that the... Read More
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