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Divorce in Bermuda

Known for its turquoise waters and unusual pink sand beaches, Bermuda has long been a popular hot spot for honeymooners and destination weddings. A little less known, perhaps, is its relatively high rate of divorce. Bermuda, also known as The Somers Isles and the Devil’s Isle, is Britain’s oldest overseas territory, but it is... Read More

Love lessons from Scottish history: Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots is probably best known for having her head chopped off on the say-so of her own cousin, Elizabeth I. She is also known for having a colourful relationship history, with three ill-fated marriages. Husband One: Mary was sent to France at the age of five, where she was betrothed to the future King of France. Sadly for Mary, and... Read More

Divorce in literature: a cautionary tale

'Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way' – Anna Karenin It is not difficult to imagine, reading Anna Karenin, how different the lives of Karenin, Vronsky, and Anna herself would have been had divorce been as easily obtainable as it is today. The fatal unhappiness in which Anna finds herself... Read More

ONS figures show that divorce is declining

Last week the Office of National Statistics released figures showing that the divorce rate in England is continuing to fall, with the exception of an older generation of divorcees over the age of 50. The figures show that the average length of marriage is 11.7 years with a 2.9 percent drop in the number of couples formally separating, bringing the... Read More

Resolution research into impact of divorce on children

Family law organisation Resolution has conducted a survey on what children think about their parents divorcing, and the results were resounding. According to the survey, the vast majority of young people questioned – 82% – would rather their parents divorced if their marriage is unhappy, rather than remain together in a state of unhappiness.... Read More

Always a bridesmaid, never a civil partner

For many across the UK, the old adage “always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” is not such a terrifying thought. There are currently 3 million unmarried, heterosexual couples cohabitating in the UK, 40% of which have children. Couples who choose to remain committed yet unmarried often think of marriage as an outdated institution that... Read More

The Family Synod: outcomes

When I wrote about the launch of the Catholic Family Synod recently, I promised an update once the Synod had drawn to a close. So what’s the verdict? Well, very little has changed since I wrote the first blog – as one article put it, 'the Catholic Church is still Catholic' and not a political party. Divorce and remarriage Under Vatican... Read More

‘Silver splitter’ divorce hits record high in South Korea

The rise in later-life divorces in England and Wales has been much publicised since the Office for National Statistics published its last figures on marriage and divorce. This trend doesn’t seem to be limited to our shores. According to a Reuters report, South Korea has seen a sudden surge in divorces among couples of middle age and... Read More

Jersey Law Commission calls for radical change in divorce law

Not long after parliament debated Richard Bacon MP’s no-fault divorce bill for the first time, the Jersey Law Commission has published a report calling for radical reforms – including no-fault divorce. It also called for the current three-year waiting period to be abolished, paving the way for faster divorces. The report is evidence that the... Read More

No Fault Divorce Bill passes first reading

Richard Bacon, Conservative MP for South Norfolk has introduced a No Fault Divorce Bill into the House of Commons. What’s more, in news that will likely be welcomed by family law practitioners, the Bill has passed its first reading, despite some opposition from fellow Tory MP, Sir Edward Leigh. Currently, under to the Matrimonial... Read More
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