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Monthly Divorce Archives: September 2015

South African divorce law substantial misconduct

South African divorce law: 'substantial misconduct'

A divorced wife in Pretoria, South Africa is appealing a magistrate’s ruling that she must forfeit part of her claim on matrimonial assets as... Read More

Hiding possessions during a break-up

Hiding possessions during a break-up

We always say that it’s important to see the big picture when going through a divorce, and not to fight over petty things. But self-storage company Big... Read More

Women divorced by Triple Talaq over WhatsApp

Women divorced by Triple Talaq over WhatsApp

Not long after it emerged that 92% of women in India wanted to see an end to the ‘triple talaq’ method of Muslim divorce, a Muslim man living in... Read More

How unreasonable is unreasonable behaviour

How unreasonable is unreasonable behaviour?

It is a common misconception that matters such as unreasonable behaviour and adultery constitute ‘grounds’ for divorce under English law. This is, subtly,... Read More

Michael Rosenfeld on How couples meet and stay together

Michael Rosenfeld on 'How couples meet and stay together'

Last week I wrote about the newly-published findings of a study entitled 'How couples meet and stay together'. It found that while women are more likely than... Read More

Valuing businesses during divorce case law

Valuing businesses during divorce: case law

The case law on business valuation seems, instead of demonstrating a clear preference for a particular method, to demonstrate the court’s desire to focus on... Read More

Valuing a business during a divorce

Valuing a business during a divorce

Businesses often form part of the assets to be shared on divorce, and can therefore comprise a central element of financial proceedings. It is likely that the... Read More