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Divorce Archive - April 2015

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The biggest bigamist? Woman allegedly married 10 times, never filed for divorce

They say that Hollywood success puts strain on relationships and leads to multiple marriages and divorce, but it seems that you don’t have to be an A-lister to rack up a fair few partners. You also don’t need to divorce them all. In New York, a woman from the Bronx, Lianna Barrientos, is facing criminal charges after it emerged that... Read More

All change for Winchester divorces

There’s been a bit of a change in the way that divorce cases are handled across the country. Traditionally, you’d file your divorce petition and other applications with your local county court, but now, in an effort to streamline the process, you’ll now have to go to your ‘regional centre’. For Winchester residents,... Read More

Serving divorce papers via Facebook

In New York, Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper has made a landmark ruling in American divorce law. The ruling, in the case of Baidoo v Blood-Dzraku, permitted Ms Baidoo to serve divorce papers on her husband solely by the use of Facebook. Whilst this may sound extreme, the reality was that Ms Baidoo had been attempting to serve divorce papers... Read More

Divorce and Health: Broken hearts can cause real heart damage

Research from the prestigious Duke University in North Carolina offers some pause for thought. According to a team at the university’s medical centre, both men and women who divorce are more likely to suffer a heart attack than their non-divorced counterparts. More specifically, divorced women are at a seriously increased risk,... Read More

Litigation funding: an introduction

In the high net worth sector of matrimonial finance, the numbers are big. With a complex financial claim, the work required of divorce lawyers – not to mention the finance experts and valuers – is huge. But cashflow can always be a problem. Getting the money upfront to fund a case that involves unravelling vast financial chicanery, with assets... Read More

The Casanova and the "calamity": celebrity blended families and media judgement

It’s frequently remarked upon that the modern family is a complicated beast. No wonder: as divorce loses its stigma and becomes more common, families breakup and they reform, giving rise to new step relationships and blended families. And, as new family structures have become more commonplace, they naturally become easier to comprehend. However,... Read More

Capital gains tax and divorce

Financially-astute couples should be looking to the start of the new tax year on 6th April to announce their separation and consult the divorce lawyers. Why? To minimise the tax implications upon separation, particularly capital gains tax. What is capital gains tax (CGT)? CGT is a tax on capital gains, the profit realised on the sale of... Read More
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